About Us

The city of Louisville has become a top destination spot as the home of the Kentucky Derby, the birthplace of Muhammad Ali and the gateway to Bourbon Country. The city is also a booming center for independent art, music and business. Louisville’s diverse economy makes it the ideal home for some of the biggest manufacturing companies as well as some of the most forward-thinking startups in the nation.

A city of this stature requires strong and credible media. In these politically polarizing times with rampant fake news shared on social media, Louisville needs a way for its citizens to understand the issues facing them so they can engage civically. It needs a news source that provides unbiased access to information.

Insider Louisville strives to be that trusted independent news source, seeking to:

  • examine all sides of an issue
  • carefully vet all sources and consider motivations
  • be transparent in reporting practices and funding

Have news tips, feedback or information that can help us better reach the goals listed above? Email our Executive Editor.

We are a nonprofit organization with a mission: To raise the level of civic engagement in our community.

How do we do that?

  • We offer indispensable information about local business, government, education, health, and culture.
  • We leave our newsroom and enter our community, both for reporting and for conversations in open forums with community leaders and those interested in the issues at hand.
  • We publish Insider Voices weekly, looking daily for feedback and different opinions about the things that have been reported on – or the things that haven’t and need to be reported.

Hear what readers say about Insider Louisville:

From Day One, Insider Louisville has taken its responsibility as a flag bearer for the First Amendment seriously: To inform readers through nonpartisan reporting about public policy and citywide issues in a way that’s fair, thorough and accurate. We dig deeper, ask more questions, and seek experts to add analysis and context to the issues that mean the most to our readers.

Insider Louisville is meeting the mission of a true, free press by covering cornerstone subjects like the economy, health, education and culture. That is why we stay on top of developments at Jefferson County Public Schools and the University of Louisville. Why we poke around City Hall. Why we examine health and food inequality in certain neighborhoods. Why we examine murder and opioid statistics. And why we cover big brands and small companies.

Some other things you should know about Insider Louisville:

  • We don’t use clickbait or sensationalism. The kind of in-depth journalism we offer doesn’t need those kinds of gimmicks.
  • Transparency is important to us. Our vision and values are listed publicly on our website. We host educational gatherings that lead to engagement and impact.
  • We rely on support from our readers. In addition to local foundations and corporate sponsors, we rely on individual donors to support our impactful mission. We take pride in our work and are grateful to have such a dialed-in group of readers. We love this city and want to see it thrive.

It takes a community pitching in to energize and support Insider’s nonprofit digital platform. If you, our valued reader, love Insider Louisville and value our expertise and enterprise reporting, consider making a gift in support of our work and becoming a member. Be a part of maintaining a vibrant, informative hyperlocal news source that tells the stories important to our economic and social vitality.