About Us

Insider Louisville provides aggressive community journalism in the public interest, delivered instantly via an online, multi-media platform. Our mission is to deliver useful, engaging information about critical issues such as business development and government accountability, as well as lifestyle, entertainment and Internet buzz about Louisville. We tell stories, tell them sharply and tell them accurately. And in a way that respects the intelligence of our audience. Our promise to you is:

  • Insider Louisville will never bore you. We believe we can inform, entertain and even shock. We won’t be all things to all people. But we can focus more time and resources on the most compelling stories.
  • Insider Louisville will never propagandize. We will never reduce the world into simplistic settings peopled by good guys and bad guys. We will never become shills for institutions and the local establishment.
  • We at Insider Louisville believe that a literate, discerning and critical citizenry is crucial to the well-being of the city.

Meet the Insider Louisville team:

Tom Cottingham

Tom Cottingham is a serial entrepreneur and publishing executive who first came to Louisville in 1984 when he and Doug Cobb started The Cobb Group. Subsequently, Tom was one of the founders of and CEO of TechRepublic and The NarrowCast Group. Tom served for eight years on the Anchorage Independent School Board, served on the board of The Louisville Orchestra, and is a supporter the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana. Email Tom at tom@insiderlouisville.com.

Sarah Kelley
VP of Content/Editorial Director

Sarah Kelley has spent the past 14 years in journalism, pursuing a wide range of stories — from covering federal courts in Washington, D.C., including the trials of convicted 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui and former vice presidential Chief of Staff Scooter Libby, to investigating prosecutorial misconduct in high-profile capital cases in Nashville, Tenn. In 2008, Sarah returned to her native Louisville to work for LEO Weekly, where she served as editor-in-chief until 2013. Sarah currently serves as vice president of the Society of Professional Journalists Louisville Pro-Chapter. Email Sarah at sarah@insiderlouisville.com.

Jon Pyles
VP of Marketing

Jon Pyles has worked in publishing for over 29 years, 25 of those in management. He has participated in five startup publishing businesses, the most recent two online. His latest venture was the co-founding and product marketing management of ITBusinessEdge.com. Prior to that, Jon served as VP of membership for TechRepublic.com (purchased by CNET.com in 2001 and now a property of CBS Interactive), VP of circulation for The Cobb Group, and director of circulation for the San Diego Business Journal. Email Jon at jon@insiderlouisville.com.

Mike Walton
Marketing Operations Manager

Mike Walton was born in the old St. Joseph’s Hospital on Eastern Parkway and was happy in Louisville, until Uncle Sam sent him to the other side of the planet on a destroyer with the U.S. Navy. Afterwards, he began a 17-year print journalism career in Florida, then at a newspaper in Staunton, Va., then back to Florida before landing back in Louisville in 1999. He entered digital journalism at TechRepublic as a web editor before joining ITBusinessEdge as a contractor during its start-up phase in 2003, helping develop backend systems, supporting editorial staff, and helping create ad operations as the site grew. Email Mike at mike@insiderlouisville.com.

Rachel Reeves
VP of Advertising

Rachel Reeves has long been a leader in Louisville’s digital media advertising market. Past positions include digital media and multimedia specialist at The Courier-Journal, as well as senior account executive with a focus on digital at LEO Weekly. Rachel plays an integral role in developing and executing digital sales strategies, but not before working closely with clients to best understand their objectives and advertising needs. She’s eager to educate the public on the ins and outs of digital media strategies, so shoot her an email to talk. Email Rachel at rachel@insiderlouisville.com.

Melissa Chipman
Assignments Editor

Melissa Chipman was born and raised in New England, but she’s a Southerner by choice who relocated to Louisville from New Orleans 10 months after Hurricane Katrina. In addition to working for Insider Louisville, she has reported for The Louisville Paper, WFPL and other local and national media. Melissa is also the creator of the My Loueyville blog and co-host of the Louisville, Not Kentucky podcast. You can tweet her at @loueyville. Email Melissa at melissa@insiderlouisville.com

Sara Havens
Culture Editor

Sara Havens is a former editor of LEO Weekly, where she worked for 15 years, spending much of that time reporting on this city’s arts and entertainment offerings. She’s known around town as The Bar Belle and is the author of “The Bar Belle” book. A second one is in the works. You can reach sara via email at shavens@insiderlouisville.com

Joe Sonka
Staff Writer

Joe Sonka is a former news editor at LEO Weekly and founder of the Kentucky political blog Barefoot & Progressive. Sonka also has written for The Nation, ThinkProgress and RH Reality Check, and is occasionally a talking head on MSNBC sharing his thoughts about Kentucky politics. Email Joe at joe@insiderlouisville.com.

David Serchuk
Staff Writer

David Serchuk is a former editor at Forbes.com, and an ex-reporter at Forbes magazine. He’s written for NPR, CNBC.com, New York, Pittsburgh, Louisville and other publications named for places. He enjoys writing about business, music, and other things as well. He can be reached at david@insiderlouisville.com.

Cheryl Boyd
Sales/Marketing Specialist

Cheryl Boyd previously worked in the hospitality sales industry, beginning in the mid-90s at The Brown Hotel. She was Director of Sales for Essential Details, a special event planning and destination management company, and most recently as a Sales Manager at 21c Museum Hotel. After living overseas with Terry and their family, Cheryl returned with a global perspective and love of a new, progressive Louisville. It made sense to join efforts with her journalist husband and be part of the new digital media age and Louisville’s coming of age. Email Cheryl at cheryl@insiderlouisville.com