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Ad industry: Brown-Forman launching $10 million Jack Daniel’s Christmas campaign Thursday


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TV and computer screens are about to be lit up like Christmas trees with a new Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey ad campaign featuring … a Christmas tree.

Sort of.

Louisville-based Brown-Forman used Boston-based Arnold Worldwide to create the new campaign, which shows the good people of Lynchburg, Tenn. – where Jack Daniel’s has its famous distillery – creating a huge ” Christmas tree”  out of 126 whiskey barrels.

(Not bourbon barrels because Jack Daniel’s is a Tennessee whiskey. Let’s be clear on that.)

The tag line for the campaign is, “It’s not what’s under the tree that matters … it’s who’s around it.”

The campaign, which includes television, billboards and Web, starts Thursday in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and South Africa, according to in London.

The New York  Times also made mention of the campaign in a story last week, assigning it a $10 million price tag!

The ad was directed by Carmen D’Ascendis, Jack Daniel’s director of global marketing, according to and the NYTimes.

This is a big deal because about a month of Christmas season sales account for – we hear – at least 25 percent of total annual sales. And Jack Daniel’s is Brown-Forman’s cash cow.

The top seller moves 10 million cases per year, or $1.32 billion worth at $22 per 750-ml bottle, according to a recent Wall Street Journal story.


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