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Forecastle inks deal to make Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. the music festival's craft beer for 2013

by Michael Tierney


Riding alongside this past weekend’s event-UCI Cyclocross Elite World Championships was Sierra Nevada Brewing Company out of Chico, Calif.

The craft brew was a major sponsor of the event, and their “Ruthless Rye” was drying kegs faster than the Sahara.

One attendee told me the draft flowed continuously throughout out the day … needless to say, Louisville, and all others in attendance, soaked up the suds.

Coming out the cyclocross event were rumors of a new alliance between Sierra Nevada and Forecastle Festival, possibly leaked by River City Distributing, which distributes Sierra Nevada in this market.

Being someone interested in the growing craft beer market in the state – and a long-time Forecastle attendee –  had to ask one of Louisville’s finest entrepreneurs, J.K. McKnight, if said rumors were true.

He confirmed that Sierra Nevada will be the beer “on the craft side” for Forecastle 2013.

McKnight’s team is still working on domestic/imports, but will probably end up similar to last year.

Now, the cynic may have a rallying cry for Louisville’s own Bluegrass Brewing Co.

Maybe having a Kentucky beer tasting garden of the state’s awesome beers would be a good alternative for Forecastle, if negotiable.

But overall, this is great and exciting news for Forecastle, its fans, and the city of Louisville, so cheers to that!

Why is this big news for Forecastle?

Sierra Nevada is the country’s second biggest craft brewery, and that means more money, more resources and more connections for McKnight and A.C. Entertainment to utilize, great beer being the bonus.

Resources now acquired might lead to larger growth for Forecastle and those involved.

With a national craft powerhouse like Sierra Nevada on board with Forecastle, expect big things on the waterfront this July: Bigger acts for the fans, larger crowds for local acts booked, more market engagement for local businesses featured, and more out of towners traveling to the metro.

A rare win, win, win, win.

Last year’s Forecastle was a complete music festival experience – a big festival feel, big acts, big sound, multiple stages and a city skyline back-drop.

And it was a true showcase of Louisville culture via My Morning Jacket, local bands, businesses, all in one “weird” scene.

Forecastle is becoming the biggest “Maker” of things cool in Louisville,. If you are from here, you’ll notice which locals are featured. If you are a New2Lou, you get to run around a music festival tasting a little bit of everything this city has to offer.

Can you really think of better showcase?

That’s why people go; that’s why town bands dream to play it; that’s why local businesses get involved; that’s why it has received sponsorships; that’s why Louisville is lucky to have Forecastle.

Super lucky.

Doubting my claims of a big Forecastle in 2013?

Check this tweet the Festival shared on Twitter yesterday:

Just connecting the dots of information right here at IL.


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