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Gannett Blog: Downer decade for Gannett circulation including double-digit drop at Courier-Journal


Gannett Blog has collected some pretty stunning data that tell you a lot about the state of the Courier-Journal, as well as where the newspaper industry as a whole is headed.

Courier-Journal-reporter-turned-blogger Jim Hopkins culled from financial reports a decade worth of daily circulation figures for all 78 Gannett Company Inc. newspapers, and the downward trend is stunning.

From 2000 to 2010, not a single Gannett paper gained or even maintained circulation.

The Courier-Journal came in at No. 49 out of 78, with its circulation decreasing 30 percent.

CJ weekday circulation dropped by about 70,000 papers, to 161,268 last year from 231,685 in 2000.

That said, the CJ is merely middle of the pack when it comes to circ loss.

The worst performer was The Courier News in Bridgewater, NJ, which lost 55 percent of circulation over the decade.

The least-bad performer was The Spectrum in St. George, Utah, which lost 12 percent of readers.

The chain as a whole  – not including USA Today – is down about 1.5 million copies from 2000.

Is there an element of schadenfreude in this for us?

Yeah, of course. As an Internet-based information delivery start up, we see only growth.

We will say this … the way readers access news is changing as I write this.

Six months ago, Insider Louisville analytics showed few readers accessing our site via iPhones or iPads, maybe 5 percent of total traffic.

Now, people accessing our site with tablet computers and smart phones account for at least 20 percent of total daily traffic, with that number rising rapidly.

So, we’re already looking at upgrading the site as we anticipate tablet computers becoming the dominant viewer platform.

Adapt or perish.


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