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KFC in Africa: Fast food becomes ‘mechanism to lift economy’


First, it was the Far East – China and Japan.

Now Louisville-based fast-food mega-chain Yum! Brands Inc. is pushing into south-central Africa.

Yum executives opened a KFC outlet in Zambia on Friday.

The outlet was launched by Zambia’s first lady Mrs. Banda in the capital city of Lusaka (population about 2 million people) on March 25, according to the website.

And shades of Cracker Barrel asking Louisville Metro Government for tax incentives to open on Dixie Highway, the chicken shack is being billed an economic development coup.

Mrs. Banda said, and we quote for all you who’ve worked at KFC,  “the skills to be provided by KFC will be useful to many young people in the country. I know that KFC has high standards of training and will share knowledge that is valuable for all in the service industry.”

Well, there’s something to hang your national hopes on. And the company and the country have something in common – Zambia’s GDP for 2010 was $12 billion, just a few bucks more than Yum’s total revenue of $11 billion.

KFC director Cobus Prinsiloo said his restaurant is committed to extending its business to other provinces to serve more people.

Minister of Commerce and Trade Industry Felix Mutati said Government “will continue providing mechanisms to lift the Zambian economy.”


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