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Nordstrom Rack opening Thur., Oct. 10 at Shelbyville Rd. Plaza


image001How do you know Louisville’s new Nordstrom Rack off-price store is about to open?

Subtle Hint No. 1: TARC buses start circulating with huge signage announcing the opening.

Subtle Hint No. 2: Insider Louisville gets one of those VIP invites that offer a glimmer of glamour to those of us slaving away on the assembly line, ceaselessly bolting together posts in the big IL digital information factory.

Here’s what we know:

We got our VIP invite earlier today, inquiring if (royal we) and a guest would like to check out the new Nordstrom Rack Shelbyville Road Plaza “at an exclusive pre-opening VIP party.”

OMG, does P. Diddy drink Cristal? Does the devil wear Prada? Does Bono hang at Club 55 in St. Tropez?

Duh ….

Embedded in our exclusive pre-opening VIP party invitation (did we mention we got a VIP invitation?) was the opening date and time for the public – 9 a.m. on October 10 – in the newly renovated space that used to house Circuit City on the northeast side of cluster of stores.

(This is the same festival-style center where [royal we] went to the VIP party for their pop-up store … good times!) No idea what that means other than the high-end retailers apparently have an aversion to malls, even for their off-price stores.

From Insider Louisville’s VIP invitation:

Special Note: This is an invite-only event for local media, influencers and Fashions Rewards members. You’re welcome to bring one guest and s/he will also need to RSVP via the email link provided below. We appreciate your not sharing this invitation on social media channels. If you have colleagues who would like to attend, feel free to send their names and email addresses to me.

We know some of you may also choose to share your feedback about your experience with your media followers and readers. If you do so, please make sure you let them know that we invited you to this event and as part of attending, we provided refreshments and a complimentary tote bag.

Ooooooh, a tote bag!

We’re not sure if we’re media or “influencers,” or whether there is a difference.

We’re pretty sure we’re being totally co-opted into the Seattle-based department store chain’s free advertising vanguard for the opening.

Which is fine, because we actually like the store.

Usually, we go to the company website for out “about this company” blurb at the bottom.

But we’ll be your guide today. Nordstrom Rack in Chicago is like a cross between the best T. J. Maxx you ever shopped and the best now-shuttered Filene’s Basements in Washington D.C. and Boston.

In Chicago, Nordstrom Rack doesn’t carry just more low-end Polo and Nautica. Instead, they often have brands you can’t get in Louisville such as Florence, Ala.-based genius designer Billy Reid.


A Billy Reid hunting jacket.

Reid can crank out his version of rough-and-tumble hunting clothes for men or delicate couture for women. And last February, (royal we) saw a $1,200 Billy Reid leather jacket at a downtown Chicago Rack for $200 on the clearance rack!

Nordstrom Rack also often has Nordstrom’s regular inventory such as John VarvatosEtro and Armani A/X.

It’s not all fabulous, but the Nordstrom Racks (royal we) have shopped have a higher big-find quotient than most clearance discounters in this retail-starved town.

Whether Nordstrom can keep this new store stocked, who knows?

But at 33,000 square feet, they better think of something. 

Did we mention IL got a VIP invitation?


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