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Take that NYC! Under 30 CEO mag ranks Louisville No. 3 large city in the nation for young entrepreneurs


Louisville skyline from Under 30 CEO Magazine

Louisville outranks New York City.

At least on Under 30 CEO magazine’s list of best American cities for young entrepreneurs.

Back in February, Insider Louisville joined Bobby Ferreri of EnterpriseCORP in trying to drum up support for Louisville on Under 30 CEO Magazine’s “Top Large Cities for Entrepreneurs” poll.

We wrote:

Culture? Check.

We’re a city of museums and great performing arts. We have a character that is uniquely our own.

Activities? Check.

We have beautiful parks, Churchill Downs, Slugger Field and the Waterfront. Social Scene? Well, our bars stay open until 4 a.m., does that count? Climate…. okay, San Diego, you have us there.

Unscientific? Yeah, a little.

Are we a dark horse considering the population size of our competition pool? Sure. But what do we have that Boston, NYC, Chicago and San Fran don’t have? A population that pays attention and participates in stuff like this.

And apparently it’s true!

Louisville came in No. 3 on the poll, right behind Austin and San Francisco. And ahead, obviously, of New York, Boston and Portland. San Diego and Los Angeles didn’t even make the list.

So, unscientific? Yes. They’re using our Metro population numbers to bump us into the “large city” category, whereas cities like Atlanta and Cincy are in the “medium cities” category. It’s a popularity contest, not a survey of empirical data.

Still, as we mentioned in our previous story, we had the chance to be the “spunky underdog” – and we made good on that opportunity.

Here’s what Under 30 CEO Magazine says about Louisville:

Louisville has a population of over 700,000 and supports five colleges: University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, Spalding University, Sullivan University, and Simmons College of Kentucky.  The city is vibrant and college sports are a huge event with so many schools in the area. The city is critical in the cargo and shipping industry as it is within one day’s road travel to 60% of the cities in the continental U.S.. According to the Kauffman Foundation in 2011 Louisville outperformed the nation in being home to fast growth companies and was among the top states in the nation in terms of new start-up companies formed.

We’ll take it.


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