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Vote and spread the word! Help make Louisville a ‘Top Large City for Young Entrepreneurs’


Bobby Ferreri of Greater Louisville Inc.’s Enterprise Corp. tipped us off to yet another “list” that Louisville is on.

But we need your help to make it to the top of this list, because this one really matters.

Under30Media, which bills itself as “the leading media property for educated, ambitious 20-somethings,” has put Louisville on the list of Top Large Cities for Young Entrepreneurs, right alongside big dogs like Boston, NYC, Chicago and San Francisco.

Under30CEO Magazine has nominated 45 cities in 3 size categories and is allowing the public to vote. In mid-March, they’ll announce and rank the top 10 in each size categories. The criteria:

Remember to think beyond just the business environment. Young entrepreneurs are looking for a balance of business and lifestyle. So the culture, activities, social scene and even climate matter when a young entrepreneur is trying to decide where to setup shop.

Culture? Check.

We’re a city of museums and great performing arts. We have a character that is uniquely our own.

Activities? Check.

We have beautiful parks, Churchill Downs, Slugger Field and the Waterfront. Social Scene? Well, our bars stay open until 4 a.m., does that count? Climate…. okay, San Diego, you have us there.

Unscientific? Yeah, a little.

Are we a dark horse considering the population size of our competition pool? Sure. But what do we have that Boston, NYC, Chicago and San Fran don’t have? A population that pays attention and participates in stuff like this.

Remember last year when we lost “Southern Living’s” South’s Tastiest Town Contest to Lafayette, Louisiana? We gave the Louisiana city a really good run for the title for a while, but then we got a little lazy (and frankly, a little ticked off at the daily spam email from “Southern Living”) and tapered off our efforts. And little Lafayette goosed its population and got the job done. What a boon for the city.

Well, in this case we have a chance to be this contest’s Lafayette, the spunky underdog.

Ferreri says, “We think this is a great opportunity to help tell the Louisville story on a national audience if we can win – which means driving votes.”

As the Convention and Visitors Bureau reminded us in December, 2012 was an awesome year for accolades for our city. And we started 2013 as THE top U.S. travel destination for “Lonely Planet.” Let’s not lose momentum. Go vote– vote early and vote often– for Louisville here.

Maybe we should resurrect Bourbon Built’s “I VOTED DAMNIT” stickers from Election 2012.


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