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Holy Grale and Sergio's World Beers make Draft Mag's Top 100 Beer Bars list


Holy Grale

As you Insider Louisville readers know, beer is in.

Not only are Kentucky craft beers getting national attention, some of our city’s top bars are finding national praise.

Holy Grale, and Sergio’s World Beers were included in Draft Magazine’s “Top 100 Beer Bars” and to a beer drinker, this really isn’t a big surprise.

The magazine accurately found our city’s best– and most unique – beer bars.

Here is what the site had to say about the Grale:

A 1905 Unitarian church houses this upscale pub; the look is reminiscent of its holier days. The beer’s all topnotch, with pours from Mikkeller and newbie West 6th. A farm-fresh spin on bar food pleases the pickiest locavores, and yes, homebrewers: Those are hop vines trellising out back.

Hope you noticed the West Sixth shout out, but the magazine is spot-on with their description. More-so, The Holy Grale may be the epicenter for Louisville’s beer drinking culture, especially when it comes to Belgian Ales, imports on draft, and successful summer-time beer dates.

It’s a bar that hosts no live music, and sets an intimate setting for those to converse and be jolly with their fulfilling beers. The bar can be a little overwhelming when crowded, but all in all, this is definitely one of Louisville’s finest.

Sergio’s World Beers

Sergio’s has a much different vibe than the Holy Grale. When you walk in through the back you almost half-expect to see Tony Soprano sitting there sipping a brewskie and eating a pork sandwich.

But don’t let the homey feel of the bar lead you astray, as Sergio’s has the city’s most extensive beer selection in the city.

You may be doubting my claim, but in three years of being home from Africa, I’ve never once seen a Southern African beer on shelf throughout the state, as distribution of Southern African beers halted a few years ago.

So when I saw a few Windhoek’s out of Namibia sitting in one the many fridges full of world beers, I died and went to beer heaven. If there is a beer you can’t find in Louisville, Sergio’s is going to be your best bet. Call it the Alamo of rare beers.

Here’s what the magazine had to say:

Go in for a bottle, get suckered into a pint from the more than 40 global taps. With more than a thousand beers to choose from, it’s no wonder the regulars at this humble dive are tight-knit; perusing the shelves and fridges can take hours. The few who know exactly what they want in advance can reserve bottles online.

There are many bars in the city that have wonderful beer selections beyond these two. River City Drafthouse could have made the list, and I’d hold no qualms, but all in all it is good recognition for the growing beer culture in the Lou.


Sergio’s World Beers is at 1605 Story Ave. in Butchertown.

Holy Grale is at 1034 Bardstown Rd. in the Highlands.


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