16161447938_9d49432b12_oThere’s going to be a unique transformation on Market Street, and its outcome promises to help develop our city by working at the intersection of culture, business and inclusive politics. That’s a pretty tall order, but the folks behind IDEAS 40203 are committed to it and have a smattering of events and plans to make it happen.

For two months, Zephyr Gallery will become IDEAS, a “creative” chamber of commerce and entrepreneurial engine, according to the press release. The first event, titled “Project 6: Who’s Louisville,” launches Feb. 4 and includes art exhibits, podcasts, an open-source think tank, networking opportunities, industry-focused roundtable discussions and much, much more.

Insider will keep you updated as the events unfold, and you can peruse the list of more than 40 happenings here. The opening reception on Feb. 4 will include an interactive art exhibit by New York City’s Man Bartlett and music by AMPED from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Zephyr is located at 610 E. Market St.

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Sara Havens
Sara Havens is the Culture Editor at Insider Louisville, known around town as the Bar Belle (barbelleblog.com). She's a former editor of LEO Weekly and has written for Playboy and The Alcohol Professor. Havens is the author of two books: "The Bar Belle" and "The Bar Belle Vol. 2."