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Angel’s Envy gives IL the pre-scoop: ‘We’re still looking at several locations’


The Luckett & Farley proposal for Angel’s Envy.

(Editor’s note: Michael Tierney and Terry Boyd contributed to this post.)

We got an email yesterday from Wes Henderson making good on his promise to give Insider Louisville the scoop about where Angel’s Envy will ultimately build their downtown distillery and entertainment complex.

Though we have to say it was not the big scoop we were hoping for.

Media outlets all over the world have been asking Henderson for news of relocating the Bardstown distillery to downtown Louisville, as the secret has been out of the bag for a while, now.

Henderson had this on the move:

As you may have heard, the state announced the award of incentives to our company this morning. I have had a number of calls from all over the planet for comment, but promised you I would reach out first. My official comment is: “This is a crucial piece of the puzzle as Angel’s Envy is evaluating various locations for our distillery and visitor’s center.”

Angel’s Envy received preliminary approval for up to $872,000 in state economic incentives for its $10 million distillery project.

The interior rendering. Sure looks like the Vermont American building to us. (Click image to enlarge.)

According to docs Angel’s Envy filed with the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority, downtown urban bourbon distillery would include a column still, a bottling line, grain-handling equipment, barrel storage and a finishing area, with 17 employees to start, and the workforce topping out at 40.

Which has all be reported.

But it’s nice to know this is moving forward along with Heaven Hill’s $10 million Evan Williams Bourbon Experience at Sixth and Main streets just west of the Humana building.

Angel’s will be joining a number of distilleries planned for downtown and Butchertown. (And yes, we’re blatantly teasing a big Butchertown scoop we have later in the day.)

Expect a complete unveiling of Angel’s Envy’s plans to revamp downtown Louisville in the coming months.

We have to admit we had a lot of fun reading about ourselves on the Lexington Herald-Leader website yesterday as they scooped the rest of the conventional media … with our scoop.

Louisville architects Luckett & Farley posted on the firm’s website a design that it said was created on request for an Angel’s Envy microdistillery. But Insider Louisville reported last week that Angel’s Envy chose a competitor, Joseph & Joseph, for the distillery/entertainment complex, although Kyle Henderson would not confirm a rumored location at Main and Jackson, in what’s left of the Vermont American Building.

Ah, that crazy Insider Louisville ….

On May 18, Henderson told us to expect a major announcement on May 29 or May 30, when he said the distiller expected to close on the mystery property. Alas, that date seems to have been pushed back to later in the summer. Henderson did confirm the family chose Joseph & Joseph based on the firm’s work on the Brown-Forman campus at 18th Street and Broadway.

That work includes the conversion of whiskey warehouses into elaborate open plan office buildings, which you can see here and here.


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