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Kentucky Baptist Convention taking a stand against gambling


KBC-LogoRGBKentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director Paul Chitwood released a video today strongly opposing gambling legislation being considered in the Kentucky General Assembly.

In the video (below) — complete with a dark, screeching string section and storm clouds setting as a backdrop to an intro about the possible social ramifications of gambling — Chitwood denounces the legislation as a financial boon to the state, saying it will only be a financial boon “to the politicians and casino operators eager to cash in on the misery of our fellow Kentuckians.”

In addition, radio ads hit Kentucky airwaves beginning today and will continue for a full week. The Chitwood-narrated ads say, in part, “I’m a hunter, but Kentucky lawmakers should not be issuing ‘hunting licenses’ that allow casino operators to prey on the most vulnerable among us. The law does not permit children to play to win in a casino. Let’s not pass a law that makes our children a sure bet to lose.”

The ads will run in eastern, central, northern and western Kentucky, airing on stations in Bowling Green, Falmouth, Glasgow, Jamestown, Lexington, Louisville and Owensboro, along with one in West Virginia that serves the eastern part of the state.

House Bill 67 proposes a constitutional amendment to permit a statewide vote to allow casino gambling, and House Bill 68 would allow up to eight gambling sites across the state. Supporters have said gaming would help support the breeding and racing industry and could even add funding for higher education, as well as keeping gambling dollars spent elsewhere within the state of Kentucky.

Meanwhile, Chitwood hopes his message will reach sympathetic ears.

“This is the first time in my tenure that we’ve purchased air time in our fight against expanded gambling,” Chitwood said on the KBC website. “This issue keeps coming up year after year, and it’s time that the Christian majority in this state rise up and say enough is enough.

“In this outreach to our Baptist church members and to other evangelical Christians across Kentucky, we’re simply asking them to let their voices be heard, hoping that the cry will be loud enough to put an end to this perennial issue once and for all.”


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