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LVL1 awarding two ‘Makerships,’ with stipends and workshop memberships


LVL1, that gathering place for creative programmers, inventors and designers, is offering two “Makerships” for 2012.

LVL1 (pronounced “Level One”) is Louisville’s lone open-to-the-public tech cooperative, part of the hacker space phenomenon spreading around the world as micro-technologies get embedded into everyday mundane life.

Makership recipients recieve $100 for project materials such as arduinos, sensors, electronic components, laser cutter materials, conductive fabric, EL wire, software, books, 3D printer filament, tools, “bits, odds, ends and whatever else you might need,” according the LVL1 website.

LVL1′s New Year’s Resolution is to “make more makers,” according to the Makership announcement.

Through private donations from LVL1 membership, the group has raised funds for the Makerships.

A Makership includes a $100 project stipend and 3 months worth of LVL1 membership dues awarded in in the Louisville area.

From the announcement:

We recognize that potential makers with limited financial resources often are unable to afford any membership rates- no matter what the discount might be. Similarly, the cost of materials to develop a cool project can be just out of reach to those strapped for cash. Our makership program seeks to eliminate these financial hurdles and get makers making!

 An LVL1 membership gives access to the workshop’s 40-watt laser cutter, Makerbot 3D printer, woodworking tools, electronics tools, metal mill, computers, electronic surplus and more, according to the announcement.

The deadline for proposals is January 31.

Makerships will be awarded to the applicants who can put together the best pitch for (1) what they want to make and (2) how they plan to do it, according to the announcement.

Proposals may including anything from an electronic gadget, to an open source software project, to a citizen science project, to a fire-breathing robotic pony, or (hopefully) a project we haven’t imagined. We want LVL1 to be the place where these things are made! LVL1 Makerships are open to anyone whom could benefit from our community and resources to make something great.

For more information on applying for a LVL1 Makership, click here.

You can also contribute to create new Makerships on the LVL1 website.

LVL1 is at 814 E. Broadway, just east of downtown.


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