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National media: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul funding new Todd Akin attack ad campaign


Say, buddy, why the long face?

What’s that? You said some stuff so impolitic your own friends and supporters have turned their backs on you? Lots of things?

Well, my friend … you will never walk alone. No, sir. Not as long as Rand Paul is a renegade Republican senator from Kentucky, you won’t.

Business Insider (no connection to Insider Louisville) and the Washington Post are tussling over a scoop that Sen. Rand Paul’s political action committee is helping fund a big ad campaign for Missouri Republican Todd Akin of “women don’t get pregnant from real rape” fame.

Paul is financing a new Akin attack ad going after Democratic Sen.Claire McCaskill or her vote against Paul’s recent amendment to block U.S. aid to Pakistan, Egypt, and Libya. (After the Sept. 11 attack that killed the United State’s ambassador to Libya, Paul introduced a senate bill that would have ended aid to Libya, Egypt and Pakistan. Would have if the Republican leadership hadn’t come out against it.)

It seems like an interesting gesture by Paul, as well as an odd battle to fight, dragging the already unpopular Akin into an unpopular cause.

From the Washington Post post:

The ad launching Wednesday in Missouri hits McCaskill for opposing legislation that would cut foreign aid to countries critical of the United States. The ad features pictures of anti-American mobs as an announcer intones: “Our debt keeps climbing. But Claire McCaskill works with Barack Obama to send our money overseas to radicals who attack our embassies, burn our flag and kill our diplomats. . . It’s time to bring our tax dollars home and send Claire McCaskill home too.” McCaskill’s campaign rejected this view of foreign aid. “Todd Akin’s position on this issue is so extreme, he would be one of only 10 senators to cut this foreign aid funding,” said campaign communications director Caitlin Legacki. “Sen. Roy Blunt, as well as every member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, including Sen. John McCain, voted against this bill because these overly-simplistic solutions in a dangerous, complex world put our allies and American interests at risk.”

After Akin made his comment about women not getting pregnant after “legitimate rape” last August, the GOP leadership including Mitt Romney and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell begged Akin to drop out, then cut off dollars to his campaign. But now, mostly Evangelical Republican leaders including Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina have begun returning to support Akin, who is now even with McCaskill in the polls after trailing her badly.

Dare we say it?

Politics make strange bedfellow, though we certainly don’t condone that sort of thing.


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