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Sources: Tea Party urging Louisville businessman Matthew Bevin to oppose Sen. Mitch McConnell


Matthew Bevin, second from right, with his wife Janette and Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler, center.

For all of you who are just completely over the whole Ashley Judd v. Sen. Mitch McConnell thing, the Kentucky senate race may be coming a bit more into focus in terms of non-celebrity candidates.

Sources are telling Insider Louisville that factions within Kentucky’s Republican Party are encouraging Louisville businessman Matthew Bevin to consider challenging McConnell from the right.

We tried to reach Bevin, but his LinkedIn bio states that he’s “currently travelling the country in a Sprinter van with my wonderful wife and five children as we experience first hand the people, industries, historical locations and geographic wonders that make the United States of America the greatest nation on earth….”

Before he hit the road, Bevin had been CEO and principal partner at Integrity Asset Management. IAM was sold to Munder Capital Management based in Birmingham, Mich. in 2010.

Bevin also runs Bevin Brothers Manufacturing, the 160-year-old East Hampton, Conn. company his ancestors founded.

Bevin recently made the national news when he reopened the historic bell making company after a catastrophic fire.

Otherwise, there’s not that much on him. We don’t even know for certain he’s a Republican. Though Bevin did donate $9,000 to the Kentucky Republican Party at the end of 2012, according to the Federal Election Commission.

That made him the fourth largest state GOP contributor behind insurance executives William and Donna Shively of Lexington, McCauley Brown and Eileen Cook Brown of Prospect and Elaine Chao, aka Mrs. Sen. McConnell.

Bevin and his wife, Glenna, also are major contributors to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Last fall, the Bevins helped fund the Bevin Center for missionaries at the Louisville Seminary. Functions at the Bevin Center include training and cultural immersion, according to the Baptist Press website.

Tea Party activist David Adams, who blogs at Kentucky Progress, had posted on his Facebook page this morning that a “pretty big announcement” was coming today.

Adams declined to comment.

However, he and other Tea Party conservatives announced last month they’re looking for a candidate to oust McConnell because McConnell has turned out to be something of a Benedict Arnold, betraying conservatives on budget cuts and the deficit.

On the left, members of the new Progress Kentucky SuperPac announced their intentions of finding a candidate to oppose McConnell.

Shawn Reilly, Progress Kentucky executive director, told us, “When Mitch McConnell’s fellow Republicans want to challenge him, that’s proof positive our message about his failed leadership is ringing true to Kentuckians regardless of party.

“Like we’ve been saying, McConnell’s corrupt, unpopular, and therefore, he’s more vulnerable than ever.”


Of course, the national media was completely obsessed this weekend with Ashley Judd’s potential run for the Kentucky senate.

We made a little list of national websites that had posts this weekend about Judd, and they include:

The New York Times: “Kentuckians Don’t Rule Out a Star as a Potential Senator”

The New York Daily News: “Ashley Judd could give Mitch McConnell a serious run for money in possible Kentucky senate race: Poll

Daily Beast: “Ashley Judd Really Can Win Senate Race Against Mitch McConnell” (written by Jonathan Miller, former Kentucky State treasurer.)

 Huffington Post: “Ashley Judd Senate Speculation Has Some Kentucky Democrats Concerned About ‘Catastrophe’ ”

And about a hundred more than essentially miss one tiny point.

Ashely Judd doesn’t actually live in Kentucky, which we are pretty sure is a requirement for representing the state in the United State Senate.

Bevin, on the other hand, does live in Louisville when he’s not on the road.

More as we know more ….


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