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Take control: LVL1′s Super TV-B-Gone workshop secret to creating havoc at sports bars

by Staff

tv-b-gone_logoThis is awesome.

So awesome, we’re posting way ahead of the event because there are only a few seats left.

Whoever thought of this should get a Nobel Prize.

You’re in a restaurant, right? And there are like 30 TVs all blasting Paula Deen. Or worse, the local TV news.

Now, LVL1, Louisville’s hacker club, is going to give you the power to build a sneaky little gadget that can shut them all off … seriously.

LVL1 is holding a Super TV-B-Gone Workshop scheduled for Mon., July 15.

This will be a “solder your own TV-B-Gone, which will turn off over 230 TVs, from distances of more than 100 feet away.

“Great fun for the sports bar or electronics store,” according the website.

TV-B-Gone us an actual product … a universal remote control created to allow people in a public places to turn off television sets.

Its inventor calls it “an environmental management device,” according to Wikipedia.

Although it can require up to 69 seconds for the device to find the proper code for a particular television receiver, the most popular televisions turn off in the first few seconds.

Yes ….

 You can sign up here for the LVL1 workshop.

Only 10 seats are available, so you might want to sign up now.

The workshop is $25, with all materials included.

Email any questions to workshops@lvl1.org.

LVL1 is at 814 E. Broadway, just east of downtown.

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  • flubby

    Why this passive-aggressive nonsense? Why not simply ask the business to turn off its tv? Or if it is that bothersome, take your business elsewhere.

  • Christopher Cprek

    The workshop covers those issues in the first 10 minutes on the topic of appropriate and ethical uses of the device. What you suggest is exactly the correct response.

    The primary goal of this workshop is to teach participants basic soldering skills, basic electronics, micro-controller programming and how IR remote control devices work. The TV-B-Gone is a fun way to do all that in a simple device. TVs are everywhere and demonstrating the TV-B-Gone will impress your friends and family… perhaps it will even encourage them to learn about the everyday technology around them.

  • Carter_Burger67

    I could use one of those in the gym I work out in. I’ve never seen people join a gym just so they can watch TV. I’d like to know where the incessant need to have TVs constantly going all around us came from. going out to eat used to be an enjoyable pass time until restaurateurs felt the need to put TVs EVERYWHERE in their establishments.

  • Dallas Howard

    The Gizmodo guys wreaked havoc on the floor of CES in 2008 with these