US Elite racer, Louisvillian Drew Dillman, on the Louisville course today with US team mechanic Matt Roy. Photo by Linda Golden

We were about to toast Louisville being the center of the cyclocross world when the Wall Street Journal beat us to it.

WSJ writer Jason Gay has a long but hugely entertaining post about the whole cyclo-cross culture.

From Gay’s post:

Joan Hanscom, the organizer of the Louisville event, recalled a recent cyclocross race in which a fan in a unicorn costume dangled cookies from a fishing line on the course for passing riders to grab. Tim Johnson, a three-time U.S. national men’s elite champion, remembered a race in which spectators tempted riders with dollar bills in beer cans. Powers said he’s seen strips of bacon on a fishing line. He’s also wheeled around corners in the woods and encountered naked people.

There’s also an anecdote about a pant-less fan in a chicken suit.

Which convinced us to attend this weekend whatever the weather. And we don’t even own a bicycle.

By the way, freelancer Linda Golden will be representing IL at the cyclocross.

When UCI Cyclocross Elite World Championships official (from Belgium, we think. Or Luxembourg. One of those European cycling centers) asked Linda if “this Insider Louisville is important to Louisville media?” she replied in the affirmative.

And got the same media access vest as ESPN.

Well, there you go … it’s us and ESPN.

See you there!

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