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Insider Louisville’s vision is to raise the level of civic engagement in our communities and to be an indispensable source of information about local business, government, education, health, and culture.  In keeping with its goal to encourage community participation, Insider also seeks to engage Greater Louisville’s corporate citizens through the sponsorship opportunities that support Insider’s informative, educational and culturally diverse journalism.

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Corporate Sponsorship Guidelines

Sponsorship opportunities will be non-commercial in nature, and will not endorse a particular person, belief, organization, product or platform.  The following guidelines will be applied:

  • To identify a sponsor, one specific product or brand name item may be mentioned in audio or depicted in graphics. In addition, up to three generic product lines or target markets for a sponsor’s products may be mentioned in audio or identified by means of text or generic symbols (e.g., “maker of the [specific product] and other solutions for businesses, governments, and individuals in [target markets]).”
  • Packaged goods (such as food) may not be shown out of the package or container.
  • The sponsor’s identity must be readily apparent, and must not be obscured by any additional identifying information such as product depiction.
  • It is permissible to cite location, telephone number information and website addresses. In the alternative, Insider may include a generic reference to the area served by a sponsor.
  • Slogans or corporate “positioning” statements that are used to identify a company are acceptable. Example of acceptable slogans include:  “First Main Bank: The Business Bank” or “Toro Investors are bullish on the United States.”
  • Insider will not permit direct comparison with other companies, or with other companies’ products or services as such statements will be treated as advertisements. Prohibited comparative statements include language using phrases such as the best, biggest, most, least, only, first, etc.
  • Directives that verbally or typographically are designed to get the audience to call, buy, see, try, or compare a sponsor’s product will not be permitted.
  • Statements that verbally or typographically involve subjective evaluation of quality (e.g., fine, great, creamy, speedy, etc.) are not permitted. Certain statements of demonstrable quantitative fact, however, are permitted (e.g., serving two million clients with $3 billion in assets).