Public Works patching potholes at presser | Photo by Paul Blakeley

File this under “something that happens annually unbeknownst to us”: Louisville is currently in the middle of its annual “Pothole Blitz,” a period between March and April where road crews go gangbusters filling the many potholes left by the repeated freeze-thaw cycles of winter.

Now citizens will have a more convenient way to report these potholes to the city — just tweet the location and use the hashtag #502pothole.

Mayor Greg Fischer demonstrated the tool by tweeting “#502pothole Second St. at Kentucky St.” A Public Works crew responded and patched the pothole.

Another convenient way to report potholes also was announced this week: There is a simple form located at the top of the webpage. Fill in the location information, click “submit” and the information will be sent to Public Works.

These online tools are the new preferred methods for reporting potholes, Fischer said. Citizens can still call MetroCall 311, but they are likely to face long wait times.

During the annual Blitz, Public Works crews go through the city’s streets in a grid pattern patching potholes until all roads are covered. For an idea of how much work gets done during the Blitz, see the following statistics:

Potholes Patched in Louisville Metro since July 1, 2011
Fiscal Year12 Month TotalMar/Apr BlitzPercent in Blitz
2012      26,827      7,62728 percent
2013      28,953   10,38436 percent
2014      46,893   19,89142 percent
2015    171,995 146,16585 percent
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