Class Act Federal Credit Union: Proud sponsor of Insider Louisville’s education coverage

Class Act was established by a small group of JCPS teachers in 1954 to serve the personal finance needs of JCPS teachers and other school employees. As we grew, we included students and their family members. ​By 1994, Class Act’s field of membership had expanded to all public school employees in the Metro Louisville area as well as employees from a good number of private schools and the University of Louisville. We have three locations and two student-run branch locations at Doss and Southern.

Today, although the banking industry has changed dramatically, the credit union’s mission remains virtually the same – to serve the professional finance needs of the local educational community.

Class Act’s dedication to the education community extends to their programs and their employees.

Class Act works with students and employer groups to teach financial education in addition to mentoring and tutoring students. Class Act representatives are volunteering in schools, colleges and universities daily.

All employees volunteer time to help in schools and other educational organizations.

This is why Class Act Federal Credit Union proudly sponsors Insider Louisville’s ongoing coverage of all things related to education in the area.

Editor’s note: While Class Act Federal Credit Union’s sponsorship supports the publication of Insider Louisville’s Education coverage, Class Act Federal Credit Union does not review or influence the content. This is in accordance with Insider Louisville’s editorial independence policy.