New bike lanes coming soon!
New bike lanes coming soon!

Work is currently underway on a new dedicated bike lane on Hill Street, with work slated to start on Grinstead Drive on June 23.

The city projects 350 daily riders for these lanes when they are completed, says Rolf Eisinger, bicycle and pedestrian coordinator with the city’s Department of Public Works & Assets.

These new lanes are part of a latticework of new bike lane development the city has seen over the last 12 months, doubling bike lane capacity from 40 to 80 miles.

Eisinger says the usage projections are based on a 5 percent conversion rate from the present car traffic on those roads. This figure was reached by using modeling based on other cities that have seen car-to-bike conversion rates that ranged from 5 to 20 percent when new lanes were put in place, such as in Portland, Ore.

In addition Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has slated another $300,000 to be used to develop additional bike lanes for the fiscal year starting July 1.

Eisinger stressed the city is not looking to build isolated bike lanes, but rather a network of new, interlinked lanes. “If we added one lane it won’t work as well,” he says, adding that safety is a top priority for the lanes. “These are being designed for people like my wife who won’t get on the road unless there is a safe facility.”

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