New York City has the subway, San Francisco has cable cars, Chicago has the elevated railway, and Louisville has … public bus routes. Lonely Planet thinks Louisville is the perfect place to travel to, having given the city the title of this year’s Top Travel Destination. But just how perfect is traveling across the city itself?

“Through Vision Louisville, we heard many suggestions regarding high-performing transit from throughout the community,” Mayor Greg Fischer said in a news release. “There is clearly a growing interest in enhancing the city’s overall connectivity and bolstering new and existing modes of transportation.”

So with that in mind, in order to better the city’s public transportation, Mayor Fischer is asking Louisvillians for their input in a series of community meetings as the first step in MoveLouisville, Louisville’s new long-range multi-modal public transportation plan. A plan that is being funded by a federal grant from U.S. Department of Transportation’s 2012 Transportation, Community and Systems Preservation program, and TARC.

“Whether you commute by car, live on your bike or rely on mass transit, we need to hear your input so this plan works for you,” Fischer said in his request for feedback.

This $750,000 plan will be constructed by Nelson/Nygaard Consultuing Associates from San Francisco. This firm has made major progress in public transportation in cities like Atlanta, Santa Monica, and Pittsburgh, to name just a few.

“The city of Louisville is already in a very innovative mindset as it looks for new and better ways to connect people and neighborhoods with one another,” said Paul Moore of Nelson/Nygaard, who will be among the leaders of the Louisville project. “We will work with local agencies to layer in their ongoing planning efforts.”

And in agreement with Mayor Fischer, Moore also stresses the importance of direct feedback from the community. “We want to hear from residents about their concerns regarding current transportation issues, as well as their interests and wants moving forward so that this will truly be Louisville’s plan.”

If you have any suggestions or concerns, please attend one of the public meetings being held next week.

Mon., Nov. 11, 6:30 to 8 p.m. — Nia Center, 2900 W. Broadway

Tues., Nov. 12, 12:30 to 2 p.m. — Hardscuffle Gallery, 324 E. Main Street

Tues., Nov. 12, 5:30 to 7 p.m. — Valley High School, Auditorium, 10200 Dixie Hwy

Wed., Nov. 13, 5:30 to 7 p.m. — Jeffersontown Community Center, 10617 Taylorsville Road

And more for information about the MoveLouisville effort, visit their website here.

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Carly Garcia has been a proud resident of Louisville since moving to the city from Radcliff, Kentucky in 2011 to attend the University of Louisville. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English in December of 2013. Formerly Insider Louisville's inaugural intern, Carly now freelances.

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