Insider Louisville has received final approval to operate as a 501(c)(3) organization, joining hundreds of nonprofit organizations across the country producing local online news through a mix of memberships, philanthropic support, and corporate sponsorships.

In March, Insider Louisville secured a $500,000 grant from Louisville’s James Graham Brown Foundation to support part of the digital newsroom’s operations in 2018. That’s a huge endorsement for Insider Louisville, but operations and growth will still depend in large part on sustained support in terms of individual memberships and donations.

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What kind of impact has Insider Louisville made since becoming a nonprofit?

In the first quarter of 2018, Insider Louisville achieved the largest readership in its history, engaging more than 600,000 unique readers. During that time, the newsroom added two new full-time reporters covering education and health care while also expanding coverage of entrepreneurs, small business, local courts, and public safety:

  • Olivia Krauth, Insider Louisville’s new education reporter, has published over 60 stories related to JCPS since she started in April. Between leadership changes and the recent recommendations for the state to take control of JCPS, this has been a critical beat for the community. Krauth also keeps Insider Louisville readers apprised of the latest developments at the University of Louisville with her coverage on higher education.
  • Darla Carter, Insider Louisville’s newest reporter, who was hired in April, has already added significant coverage to Insider Louisville’s expanding health beat, contributing over 40 in-depth articles to date. In the months to come, she will be covering the effects of new Medicaid work requirements and what that means for the Louisville community, in addition to other important developing health topics.
  • Helping Insider Louisville readers stay informed doesn’t just apply to the heavy issues, but also the good news about Louisville, like the return of Steve Case (founder of AOL) and the Rise of the Rest that supports startups in the country’s heartland.
  • Insider Louisville is also the place to find daily information about Louisville’s restaurants, news about the bourbon and craft beer industries, and all about what is happening in the exploding arts culture in the community.
  • In addition to expanding editorial content, the Insider Louisville team has hosted almost a dozen public educational events so far in 2018 as part of its commitment to providing a platform for the community to gather and discuss important local issues. This year’s events have covered: innovative ideas for K-12 education, new hospitality projects, the growing music industry, the explosion of local craft beer, the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly, and more.

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