As the traditional media business model is getting ravaged, digital publishers across the country are launching paywalls.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal all have one.

Regional media outlets are getting on the bandwagon as well. Local papers like The Mercury News, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Miami Herald, The Plain Dealer, The Philadelphia Inquirer have all adopted some type of a paywall.

What is a paywall? This is where people pay for a subscription to read a newspaper’s content online. Soft, or porous, paywalls allow a reader access to a few articles before charging. It’s business. But what the other media outlets don’t seem to understand is that consumers don’t want to pay for something they formerly got for free or may find elsewhere at no cost.

That’s not what Insider Louisville is doing.

Insider Louisville’s nonprofit membership model is not a paid subscription. We will never charge you to read our articles.

With a subscription, you pay money and you get a product.

With Insider Louisville membership, you join a mission because you believe in our work. Your help lets Insider Louisville hire more staff to cover the most important issues that affect our community. And that helps Louisville thrive.

Membership is an opportunity for you to support the news that you and your neighbors depend on to be informed.

Membership is an opportunity for you to support and share stories that demonstrate Louisville’s exceptionalism.

Membership keeps you engaged with our newsroom and the community at informative and fun events.

Membership helps support a free local news source for people who can’t afford a paywall subscription.

Don’t buy a subscription, join a cause.

Insider Louisville will continue to offer our content free of charge, but encourage our readers to take a bigger part in this mission.

NOW is the time to become a member and back our efforts to consistently deliver the community news you crave and need to push Louisville forward. Joining today at $10 per month or $100 per year will strengthen YOUR community newsroom at Insider Louisville.

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