In late November, Insider Louisville announced we were becoming a nonprofit media entity with aspirational goals to deliver more indispensable journalism. We’re making strides but we want to do more. A lot more. Insider Louisville needs your support to continue our work and reach our goals.

So, we figured you’d have questions about our new member program.

Why did Insider Louisville go nonprofit?

Changes in the media business have ravaged access to local news. Cuts in newsroom staffs mean that crucial stories are going unreported. We want to remedy this without being beholden to big media corporations who want to chase ad dollars or push their own agendas. Insider Louisville knows that there’s a hunger for citizen-supported, community-owned, nonprofit local news, and our mission is to provide it.

Why does Insider Louisville need member support?

Member dollars are vital to ensuring Insider Louisville has the resources it needs to continue our work and to grow. Our goals are ambitious: Triple the size of our newsroom and bring explanatory journalism to all topics that matter to Louisville residents.

Our readers’ willingness to place a dollar value on Insider Louisville’s importance in their daily lives is an endorsement of our core values — a total commitment to the notion that our city needs and deserves real news.

Why should I become a member?

When you pay to be a member of Insider Louisville, you help us continue our work and increase our coverage of critical topics.

Limited edition poster designed by local artist Ronald Jasin

What’s in it for me?

Other than knowing that your support is helping a hyper-local media source like Insider Louisville stay independent? With membership, you will get early invites to all of Insider Louisville’s events: monthly meetups, symposiums, pop-up events, and opportunities to interact with our reporting staff.

Also, if you become a member, you can start your collection of Insider Louisville local artwork. The first is this signed limited edition poster designed by local artist Ronald Jasin.

Do I now have to pay to read Insider Louisville content?

No. We don’t put our content behind a paywall. Anyone can reap the bounty of Insider Louisville content and receive our daily newsletters, free of charge.

Your membership will help ensure that our content remains free for those who cannot afford it. It’s essential that we keep this vital daily resource available so the entire our community can read and benefit from it.

How do I become a member? What’s the cost?

Joining today at $10 per month or $100 per year will strengthen YOUR community newsroom at Insider Louisville.

More questions?

Email our team at [email protected].


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