On Tuesday, I wrote to you a bit about local media here in Louisville. I hope I was able to convince you that without community-supported local news, Louisville risks being drowned in a sea of clickbait. Insider Louisville Is the only local publisher committed to publishing multiple clickbait-free, local newsworthy stories each and every day.

We are all getting plenty of national and international news, and while always welcome, it’s relatively easy for any publisher to deliver the occasional meaningful local story. But if local news media is to be reinvented in our town, and in towns across America, we need to embrace digital-first, local media.

Today, I would like to point out another alarming trend in newsrooms across the country.

  • March 2018: Denver Post announces cutting a third of its editorial jobs.
  • March 2018: Chicago Tribune’s newsroom gets hit hard with another round of layoffs.
  • February 2018: Omaha World-Herald eliminated 43 jobs
  • January 2018: The Oregonian cuts 11 newsroom staffers.
  • Summer 2017 to January 2018:  Southern California News Group, which owns 11 newspapers including Orange County Register and Los Angeles, Daily News, has cut over 120 newsroom positions.

Name another city in America, and the situation is similar. This is not just a local or even a Gannett issue, it is a national trend.

There is nothing new about the implosion of media newsrooms as this chart illustrates:

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Tom Cottingham

    Tom Cottingham, Insider Louisville’s CEO, has a long track record as a lead investor and founding partner in successful Louisville businesses, including TechRepublic.com and ITBusinessEdge.com. In addition to his duties here at Insider Louisville, Tom advises entrepreneurs and investors about the best ways to create and capitalize on opportunities here in Louisville.