Civic engagement presents us with an opportunity to transform our communities. Increasing that civic engagement is Insider Louisville’s mission. On Wednesday night, we held an event which brought together Insider Louisville sustaining members and the civic standouts featured in our report, “Insider Louisville’s Top 100: Change-makers and groundbreakers.”

Mayor Greg Fischer spoke about the important role the people in the room have in growing our city and making it an outstanding place to live. Neeli Bendapudi, president of the University of Louisville, spoke of her plans for the school and how much she loves Louisville.

How the report is calculated

Using our Insider 502 platform, our team of researchers curates and mines data from publicly available resources to identify those who are making a significant mark on the community. Founding a company and getting involved in community endeavors are factors that weigh heavily on an individual’s ranking. Holding an elected office, whether it’s being mayor or on the school board, certainly counts toward a ranking. Other variables considered range from leadership roles to nonprofit board affiliations to social media presence.

Want to be on that Top 100 list next year? Get involved! Start a company, do something great for our city, and participate in charitable endeavors.

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