Facebook has rolled out a new update to their algorithm and this one has media outlets reaching for their inhalers.

Mark Zuckerberg says that actual news showing up in Facebook news feeds is disruptive to his new metric for success: time well spent. So this means you’ll start seeing fewer news items but more pictures of your cousin’s corn hole championship team. Some news outlets are saying that this change may not affect local media sources as much but we’ll be keeping an eye on it.

Everyone can expect that the technology we use to share information with each other — whether it’s via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email newsletters, etc. — will be tweaked from time to time. The staff at Insider Louisville will stay on top of the changes and recommend ways to stay on top of our news.  We want to make sure you can have bragging rights with your friends and family on being the fist to be “in the know.”

For example, below we offer some handy-dandy suggestions you can use to optimize your Insider Louisville news delivery and get the scoop first.

  1. Put Insider Louisville on the top of your Facebook news feed.

  1. Follow Insider Louisville on Twitter and get a push notification whenever we publish or tweet something.

  1. Sign up for our free Daily Newsletter. If you’re using Gmail, you can change preferences to ensure your Daily Newsletter gets in your primary inbox. And it’s always good practice to add [email protected] to your contacts.
    • Go to your “Promotions” tab
    • Select an Insider Louisville email
    • Drag it to your “Primary” tab
    • Click “Yes” when the dialog box asks to send all future messages to “Primary” tab

The best way to stay engaged with Insider Louisville is by becoming a member. Not only will membership give you a quicker path to Insider news, but it also means you’ll be invited to exclusive Insider events (see membership levels on the Become a Member page). And your support will be a catalyst to increase the numbers of reporters covering beats that are at the heart of this city, like culture, economy, education, government and health.

And we can almost promise you there will be no cornhole stories.

At Insider Louisville, we dig deeper, ask more questions, and seek experts to add analysis and context to the issues that our readers – Louisville’s stakeholders – care about the most. Our mission is to inform these readers with impactful, public-service journalism so that they can help shape outcomes. Our goal is to raise the level of civic engagement in our communities and to be an indispensable source of information about local business, government, education, health, and culture.

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