Reporters at Insider can whip up breaking news in a matter of minutes, but when it comes to investigative reporting that explains critical issues for our community, from start to finish, one story can take weeks to report and write.

Joe Sonka’s recent article, “Glisson surprised UofL by announcing run for Congress just after agreeing to $200,000 teaching job,” took 10 days to pull together, for example. The process included contacting multiple sources and an open records request.

For Boris Ladwig, it took a few weeks to report and publish “Education commissioner: State ‘up a creek’ if charters don’t get funded.” This 1,170-word in-depth report started with a curiosity about an event advertisement but led to connecting with numerous sources and collecting data.

Meanwhile, to feed the news beast, our reporters multitask, working on less-ambitious projects at the same time as longer-term projects. (Also, Insider has a crack team of talented freelance writers attending meetings and reporting news and features to round out our coverage.)

That means readers will never miss out on the Insider stories that matter most — from our coverage of SCALA to our business briefings to our reviews of restaurants.

With your help, we aim to triple our news output by adding more reporters this year to bring you even more coverage every day. Our city needs more in-depth explanatory journalism that addresses critical issues. Help make that happen and become part of the Insider community – become a member today.

At Insider Louisville, we dig deeper, ask more questions, and seek experts to add analysis and context to the issues that our readers – Louisville’s stakeholders – care about the most. Our mission is to inform these readers with impactful, public-service journalism so that they can help shape outcomes. Our goal is to raise the level of civic engagement in our communities and to be an indispensable source of information about local business, government, education, health, and culture.


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