In February, Insider Louisville reporter Joe Sonka broke a story about the potential appointment of Vickie Yates Brown Glisson as a term professor at the University of Louisville. Glisson finalized her acceptance of the teaching position and then, one day later, announced she was going to run for Congress.

Sonka then reported that Democratic legislators of the Kentucky General Assembly wrote a letter to UofL urging them to reconsider Glisson’s hiring due to the lack of transparency in the process and the proposed salary for her position ($200,000 per year). The next day he broke another story that UofL’s interim Provost Dale Billingsley announced that Glisson would not be hired.

As a pending nonprofit media organization, Insider Louisville has both the desire and the responsibility of digging deep into the institutions in our city and our government. It is investigative reporting of this kind that brings to light issues that citizens might not normally know about. And, as you see, that light can sometimes lead to a change of outcome.

It is Insider Louisville’s mission to dig deeper, ask more questions, and hold Louisville’s stakeholders accountable. Insider Louisville depends on sustained member support to deliver this kind of impactful, public service journalism.

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