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We are a pending nonprofit media organization with the mission to raise civic engagement in our community. While our content will always remain free, when you become a member it helps us get more reporters on the street and lets us stay on top of developments. Whether they’re happening in City Hall or in the arena of economic development or with new restaurants and bars making their debut, we want to make sure you’re informed on the issues that impact you and the prosperity of Louisville.

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to reader testimonials:

At Insider Louisville, we dig deeper, ask more questions, and seek experts to add analysis and context to the issues that our readers – Louisville’s stakeholders – care about the most. Our mission is to inform these readers with impactful, public-service journalism so that they can help shape outcomes. Our goal is to raise the level of civic engagement in our communities and to be an indispensable source of information about local business, government, education, health, and culture.


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