On April 18, Insider Louisville held a spirited, but respectful, discussion about the 2018 General Assembly. The conversation was moderated by Insider Louisville contributor Michael L. Jones, and focused on bills that passed and failed and how the effects will – or won’t – be felt here in Jefferson County.

The panelists were Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, COO, GLI; Julie Denton, Metro Council District 19; and Morgan McGarvey, Kentucky Senate District 19.

It was during the 2018 General Assembly that the controversial tax plan was rushed through, but the panelists said they also managed to put other issues out there. These include the Gang Bill—also controversial—that seeks to be a law enforcement tool for getting “tough on crime.”

The group also discussed was The Opportunity Zone Initiative, which aims to give both rural and urban areas the chance to strengthen and rebuild their economies.

Of course, the teacher’s pension-reform bill was top-of-mind. The group discussed the effect the grassroots effort of Kentucky teachers (a protest in Frankfort) had.

Insider Louisville has promised you that we would be the conduit for political transparency and attendees got a good taste of that at the event. Watch the entire event here:

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