Team HiHo!’s Chris Saunders in “Hoinfodaman.”

(Editor’s note: Due to incorrect information, Insider Louisville reported the incorrect prize amount in the original post.)

Last weekend, we told you Louisville-based indie filmmakers Team HiHo! were leading the voting in the Primus International Music Video Contest.

Happy we did because they won, receiving the most votes on the Primus Facebook page, which earned them the grand prize of $5,000.

(And, may we add, “Thank God we complied with Team HiHo! supporting actor Pip Pullen,” who told us to juice the voting. Or else.)

Primus, a San Francisco-based thrash band famous for odd songs such as “My Name is Mud” and shall we say, “unorthodox” videos, asked indie filmmakers to submit videos using their song “Hoinfodaman” as the soundtrack.

“Hoinfodaman,” about selling your soul for commercial success, is on the new “Green Naugahyde” album. (In the Team HiHo! vid, comedian and Team HiHo! member Chris Saunders has the greatest line in movie history when he ashamedly breaks the news to one of his girls – long sigh – he’s giving up pimping: “I got me a job at an ad agency.”

Even better, Team HiHo’s version of “Hoinfodaman” stars Saunders as a pimp who’s sunk to becoming an advertising man, playing opposite Pullen, an actual advertising executive in his day job, as the Evil Boss Man.

Team HiHo! co-producers Kyle Crews, left, and Brennan Clark.

Kyle Crews and Brennan Clark were co-directors/producers.

Team HiHo! ‘s version of “Hoinfodaman” ended up with about 2500 FB “likes,” about 250 more than their nearest competition, Clark said.

He noted the contest was a fairly high-profile venue considering Primus has more than 600,000 Facebook fans. Team HiHo’s video will be featured on Primus’ VEVO page and on various music and media outlets.

Despite its high production values, Clark swears  the group shot the Primus entry for $180 in four days. And Clark notes Pullen agreed to waive his Actor’s Guild per diem rate, as did Louisville Ballet associate artistic director Helen Starr, who narrates.

Clark credits editing and a $30,000 Red high-definition digital video camera for the slick look of “Hoinfodaman.” ”

“We went into debt to get it, but it’s paid off for us,” he said.

Clark said Team HiHo! will use their winnings to pay off credit cards from a trip to Los Angeles where they screened their short film “Phenomenal Johnson” at Grauman’s Chinese Theater as part of Filmapalooza 2013.

In fact, the trio was on their way back from LA when they got the news about the “Hoinfodaman” win, Clark said.

Now, Team HiHo is starting production of a semi-biographical television pilot “Makin’ Movies.” The show focuses on the group’s struggle with scarce resources to produce feature films in Louisville.

Clark and Crews came up with the idea as a rebuttal to the modern sitcom.

“We’re calling this a cinematic-sitcom,” Clark said.

“Comedies always look like they were shot on a sound stage with three cameras. We want to shoot comedies that look like epic cinema in real environments.”

Clark and Crews met at duPont Manual High School and have been collaborating since 2000. During that time, they’ve generated some crazy pub.

Take, for example the “Build the Bridge” campaign they did for investment banker Vaughn Scott in which Saunders played “Benny Breeze,” a hilariously un-PC, foul-mouth advocate for building the long-delayed Ohio River bridges.

In that vein, the central motif for “Makin’ Movies” is “how unlikely it is we’re going to get out of Louisville (for LA),” Clark said. “You got this crazy guy with a camera, a guy directing in a wheel chair and height-challenged Afro-American guy.”

Come on, this has “90210” written all over it.

About Team HiHo: The trio of Saunders, Clark, and Crews has won Best Film in the Louisville 48 Hour Film Project three times in three attempts (Phenomenal Me — 2007, Huckleberry Johnson — 2010, and Phenomenal Johnson — 2012). Other producers on the music video included local filmmakers Will Hartsock and Andrew Vittitoe.

More Team HiHo on YouTube:

Huckleberry Johnson (2010)

Phenomenal Me (2007)


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