Will the last journalist out the door please turn off the lights?

Three weeks ago, we posted how WDRB General Manager Bill Lamb is deadly serious about building the top digital news platform in town at the expense of the Courier-Journal.

At the time, we found out Lamb was hiring “three seasoned journalists” to work exclusively on bolstering content for the TV station’s website.

Today, Lamb struck, luring away Metro reporter Marcus Green, the Courier-Journal’s top journalist, the second CJ journalist to exit this week.

Multiple sources tell Insider Louisville Green was escorted out of the CJ’s Sixth and Broadway headquarters this morning. We called CJ Managing Editor Jean Porter for comment, but received no call back. We called other CJ executives for comment, including human resources vice president Randi Austin, but again, did not get a response.

Green’s CJ Twitter account has been deleted.

Reached at his office, Lamb said he couldn’t comment at the moment: “We need to get a little farther down the road on this.”

This appears to be the fourth CJ journalist Lamb has nabbed since June 2012. His run started when WDRB recruited the Courier-Journal’s top sports reporters/columnists.

Collateral from a new advertising sales kit states WDRB’s web traffic took off after Rick Bozich and Eric Crawford defected to WDRB.

That collateral includes claims traffic to WDRB’s online sports page increased by 3,804 percent.  It also shows the station’s nightly sportscasts have jumped by 32.2 percent among 18-to-49 demographic of adult viewers.

After Bozich and Crawford left in June 2012, WDRB signed the CJ’s former conservative columnist, John David Dyche, last April. Dyche had ended his contract relationship after he accused CJ editors of censoring a column he wrote calling for reporters to divulge their political orientations and affiliations.

Now, Green is headed for WDRB, leaving Courier-Journal editors to find a new talent to cover complex, demanding beats such as the Louisville Arena Authority and the Ohio River Bridges projects.

Green is the second reporter to leave this week.

As we reported yesterday, C. L. Brown left Monday for ESPN. Porter told us Brown will be replaced.

Our insiders tell us changes at the Courier-Journal have more to do with Gannett Co. Inc., the McLean, Va.-based parent company, than with dissatisfaction over local management. In the last month, Gannett cut at least 400 positions across its 82 U.S. newspapers.

At the CJ, most of the changes have been voluntary.

Recently departed CJ reporters include Dan Klepal, who left in December for the Atlanta-Constitution, and Mark Schaver, who took one of four reporting positions at Louisville Public Media’s Center for Investigative Reporting.

In addition, Jessie Halladay now works for Jefferson County Judge Mike O’Connell, and Chris Otts left in May for a job with Kentuckiana Works. Buzz celebrity reporter Christa Ritchie is leaving for a media position with the Greater Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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