Photo via Carvana

Carvana is looking to bring its signature “car vending machine” technology to Louisville, according to a site plan application the company filed with the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government.

The car vending machine would provide a different way for customers to receive the cars they buy online with Carvana. Rather than having it delivered to their home, they could retrieve it in person. There are currently 20 cities in America with vending machines from Carvana, according to the company’s website.

“At the time of pick-up at the Vending Machine, customers are presented with an oversized Carvana coin they drop into the custom coin slot, initiating the vending process,” said Shannon Barry, an account executive at ICF Next, a marketing and advertising firm that works with Carvana.

“Their purchased car is then automatically retrieved from the tower and is moved through the machine until it reaches a delivery bay, where customers can then take possession. Vehicle pickup at a Carvana Car Vending Machine is free for all customers.”

The vending machine would be built at 1510 Lake Shore Court, and in addition to building the dealership, the company has also filed an application for a tree preservation plan to go along with it. That address has previously housed restaurants.

Photo via Apple Maps.

While Carvana is bringing new car dealership technology to the city, MINI Cooper is taking it away.

The automobile dealer announced on Facebook Wednesday that MINI of Louisville would be closing its doors effective May 31. The post also recommended that MINI Cooper owners in the region take their vehicles to their dealerships in Indianapolis or Cincinnati to get serviced following the closure.

Photo via MINI of Louisville’s Facebook page

“MINI Owners across Kentucky are important to MINI of Louisville as well as MINI USA and as such we are working to ensure you receive the level of service that you have been accustomed to,” the post said.

Cincinnati’s MINI Cooper dealership is 106 miles from Mini of Louisville, and the Indianapolis dealership is 136 miles from MINI of Louisville.

Customers of the dealership have voiced their displeasure with the closing, and with having to travel elsewhere to have their car serviced. MINI of Louisville stated that it would take approximately 60 minutes to get to the Cincinnati dealership, but Apple Maps estimates a transit time of 1 hour and 46 minutes.


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