The rendering of what Bardstown Bourbon Co. will look like. The question is, whose money is building it?

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It’s Fourth of July weekend, so this is an abbreviated The Closing Bell … because even TCB needs time off.

The Kentucky General Assembly stole all the money for Louisville’s riverfront fireworks display, but there’s plenty more to do around town this weekend. Or you could head to the The Big Apple for Macy’s 38th annual mega Fourth of July fireworks. You can just make it you leave right now. Tell your CEO The Closing Bell said it’s OK if you take the company Falcon to New York for the weekend. And – you know – if you are the CEO, well, you don’t have to ask.

Mystery money

Back on June 26, we were there for the big announcement. Bardstown, which is at the head of the Bourbon Trail, was getting a new bourbon distillery. Which is awesome. Everyone got so excited they forgot to ask one crucial question: Who’s putting up the $25 million investment this project is estimated to require?

So, we asked David Mandell, president and CEO of Bardstown Bourbon Co. who’s putting up that kind of do-re-mi. Mandell started The p.i.n.k. Spirits Co. in 2006. He made p.i.n.k. Vodka, the first caffeinated vodka, and a high-end product. He also made gin, whiskey and tequila until he sold the company in 2009.

Turns out Mandell is a circumspect sort of guy.

“We have some great investors behind the company, and we’re a well-capitalized company, but I can’t share their names,” he said.  “These are people who love the hospitality business and who enjoy bourbon and making great products and great brands.”

We also pushed a bit on the timeline for Bardstown Bourbon. Mandell said the plan is to break ground by the end of summer or early fall, and opening by summer 2016.​ (It is a big facility, with plans to distill and bottle 450,000 cases annually. Which is a lot!)

But ever since Angels Envy made its big Main Street announcement one year ago, then absolutely nothing happened, we’ve grown more vigilant in trying to separate fact from fantasy, as well as not allowing ourselves to get too invested in the excitement.

More as we verify what our sources are telling us.

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