Alan DeLisle and Patti Clare.

We gave you a heads up in this week’s Monday Business Briefing: Look for Alan DeLisle to exit as executive director of Louisville Downtown Development Corp.

Our sources nailed it on every point except one … it doesn’t appear DeLisle was wooed away. He’s just leaving town.

Like Alan Ladd at the end of “Shane,” after he’d dealt with all the bad guys.

LDDC just sent out a news release confirming DeLisle will be reuniting with his family in Durham, N.C. from whence he came.

LDDC Chairman Jim Allen, who is chairman and CEO of Hilliard-Lyons investment firm, is looking for a replacement who can “build on the foundation DeLisle helped create,” according to the release.

Assistant Director Rebecca Matheny is interim director until we find that foundation builder.

Fourth Street, the way LDDC sees it.

From the release:

“Alan came to Louisville with big plans – and he delivered, especially on the South Fourth Retail district, the creation of a commercial loan fund and the streetscape improvements to better connect downtown and NuLu,” Allen said. “He was critical in bringing the Downtown Development Corporation and the Louisville Downtown Management District under one organization now called the Downtown Partnership.”

LDDC is probably best known for its ability to envision 10-year plans for reviving downtown.

That said, its 2010 survey of the unrealized potential of downtown retail has spurred the Fischer Administration to create new capital programs as well as negotiate with executives at Jewish Hospital & St. Mary Health Care to redevelop the former J.C. Penney building on Fourth Street.

Which we noted Monday.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of our MBB post:

Speaking of downtown retail, insiders told MBB last week – and we quote – “Well, you won’t have Alan DeLisle to kick around any more ….” To which we replied, “We didn’t know we ever ‘kicked around’ Alan DeLisle.”

Insider Louisville merely raised questions back in August 2011 when DeLisle, director of Louisville Downtown Development Corp., hired Anchorage-based consultant Rick Hill of Village Solutions to revive retail on Fourth Street from Muhammad Ali Boulevard south to Theatre Square, a plan we dubbed “FouLou.”

(In a piece of cosmic irony, Hill’s own development in Anchorage, Bellegrove Business Park, went into foreclosure about a year later. Not exactly a glowing endorsement of Village Solution’s visionary acumen.)

DeLisle has had his ups and (serious) downs in Louisville. He was nearly killed in March 2009 when he and fellow LDDC executive Patti Clare fell three stories after a stairway collapsed in the Fort Nelson Building at Eighth and Main streets.

IL got sideways with DeLisle when he and Hill announced their NuLu-esque plan for a radical re-do of Fourth Street without any actual money, buildings or even support from a newly elected Mayor Greg Fischer or big investors in the area.

As we say in Yiddish, “Geh gesund.”

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