Ghyslain in Westport Village closed. | Courtesy of Ghyslain Chocolatiers

Ghyslain Chocolatier closed its cafe and patisserie in Westport Village Sunday. The cafe employed seven.

“We were not doing very well just at lunch,” Ghyslain Maurais, owner of Ghyslain Chocolatier, told Insider.

He added that the company’s lease at Westport Village was ending later this year and that he did not want to extend it for another five years.

“It was just not the right location,” Maurais said, “nothing wrong with Westport Village.”

However, Ghyslain Chocolatier still plans to reopen its East Market Street cafe, which shut down earlier this year because of hotel construction. Work on the $37 million hotel in NuLu is expected to wrap sometime in 2018.

“East Market was wonderful, a line every lunch,” Maurais said.

Until then, Ghyslain Chocolatier will focus on its national wholesale operations, which sells gourmet chocolates, French pastries and breads out of Union City, Ind.

“We are growing so fast here, and the restaurant had issues, and it was taking time of our manager who should have been spending time there,” Maurais said. “It was hurting our core business. That is our core business. That is really what we are here for.”

If Louisvillians find themselves missing the cafe too much, they can order chocolates, macarons and coffee beans online.

Kelly Brown, general manager at Westport Village, told Insider that there is no lease pending on the space.

“It’s a great space for a restaurant, a pretty turn-key space,” she said.

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Caitlin Bowling
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