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The last six months have produced a pretty bleak run for Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, the Tea Party and the right in general.

Last year, to everyone’s amazement, the Roberts Court ruled most of the the Affordable Care Act constitutional.

Then, despite McConnell making the president’s failure his No. 1 priority, Barack Obama won re-election, but only by a landslide.

McConnell is scheduled to make the rounds on the Sunday morning news shows, and we’re assuming it is to defend his collaboration with Vice President Joe Biden to end the fiscal cliff crisis.

At the end of the week, a number of Kentucky arch conservatives including David Adams announced they’re looking for a candidate to oust McConnell because McConnell has turned out to be a Benedict Arnold, betraying consevatives on budget cuts and the deficit.

Finally, this morning, we got this release titled “The fight starts now” in our email in-box about an effort to, in effect, stop the Affordable Care Act from being fully implemented in Kentucky.

Which apparently is the line in the sand, Kentucky style:

Dear friend,

 The most frustrating thing I hear these days is the apathy of ObamaCare opponents who think fighting against the destruction of healthcare in America is hopeless. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Shutting down ObamaCare in Kentucky involves refusing the optional Medicaid expansion (which we very clearly can’t afford) and shutting down the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, whose ruinous activities and costs haven’t been openly explored yet.

Hobby Lobby’s hundreds of Kentucky employees are already committed to fighting ObamaCare with civil disobedience. A little more of that and some pressure on legislators to gum up the works in Frankfort on ObamaCare implementation and Kentucky will soon join a solid majority of states refusing to throw their citizens into this mess.

 Please join a rally and press conference on Tuesday, January 8, 2013, the first day of the Kentucky General Assembly, to show support for ending our ridiculous flirtation with ObamaCare. We will start at 10:30 am in the Capitol Rotunda. Featured speakers are Bluegrass Institute Board Chair Kathy Gornik and Lexington physician Dr. Cameron Schaeffer.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call at the number below.


David Adams

Adams, who blogs at Kentucky Progress, is the former campaign manager for Sen. Rand Paul.

The Hobby Lobby reference got our attention, a reference to the evangelical Christian company’s vow to resist complying with Obama-care.

Executives at the Oklahoma City-based company announced this week they would refuse to comply with requirements to provide employees with insurance coverage for emergency contraception. The Daily Beast reports the company is facing $1.3 million per day fines if they make good on their threat.

Adams acknowledged that the U.S. Supreme Court declared Obama-care constitution. But he says there are practical measures that can be taken at the state level to stop full implementation.

“The expansion of Medicaid … it’s in the governor’s hands, now,” he said. “If we do not accept a Medicaid expansion, we’re half way out of ObamaCare.”

Gov. Steve Beshear has stated that he’s calculating the future costs of Medicaid expansion, and hasn’t decided whether Kentucky will join the roughly half the states that will option out, which the Supreme Court ruled is legal.

Beshear did approve the state creating a health insurance exchange, with former Cabinet for Health and Family Services chief Janie Miller setting it up in Louisville.

But the exchange has turned into a hugely contentious issue, with Republicans in the General Assembly challenging the governor’s authority to establish an exchange by executive order.

Should those pillars of the Affordable Care Act be neutralized state by state, Adams said, it would have the affect of neutering the law.

We’ll go this far with him: So far, the Beshear Administration’s implementation of Medicaid managed care system in the state has been an unmitigated disaster.

So, it’s hard to argue that in Kentucky, at least, anyone is going to be egging Beshear on to spread the pain.

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