From campers lining up outside the Frazier History Museum hoping to buy a $1,800 bottle of 45-year-old bourbon to the giant 137-foot Ferris wheel-like structure called SkyStar Observation that is coming to Waterfront Park through Derby, here are Insider’s top stories this week.

Campers braving rain for $1,800 bottle of 45-year-old bourbon
It’s going to be a long, wet day and night for these campers. | Courtesy of Frazier History Museum

People are lining up outside the Frazier History Museum in hopes of purchasing an $1,800 bottle of 45-year-old bourbon, which goes on sale Thursday, March 1, at 9 a.m., wrote Sara Havens. Read more about how fewer than 150 bottles of Final Reserve: James Thompson & Brother Bourbon will be for sale and how the real value might be much, much more.

Vote on bill to outlaw child marriage in Kentucky delayed after opposition from conservative Family Foundation

A bill outlawing child marriage in Kentucky had been expected to receive a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Joe Sonka reported, but that vote has been delayed due to last-minute opposition by the conservative Family Foundation of Kentucky, according to the bill’s lead sponsor. Read more about how the bill’s sponsor said the Family Foundation of Kentucky was lobbying against it even though a spokesman for the group told Insider on Thursday that “we haven’t done much lobbying at all against this bill,” though they had “expressed our concerns to the chairman of the committee and asked for a week to work this out.”

UofL provost rejects appointment of Glisson to professor position

The University of Louisville’s provost has denied the appointment of Vickie Yates Brown Glisson to become a term professor in the School of Public Health and Information Sciences, citing her lack of teaching and research experience and the university’s current budget crunch, Joe Sonka reported. Read more about how Interim Provost Dale Billingsley notified Dean Craig Blakely of the decision in an email Friday evening, stating that this concluded the hiring process and there would be no appeal of his decision.

Rains force some businesses to close temporarily

While the rains have forced several riverfront businesses to close, others are sticking it out for as long as they can, reported Caitlin Bowling at the start of the recent flood. Read more about how some local businesses struggled to stay open and which were forced to close temporarily.

Waterfront Park will be home to a 137-foot Ferris wheel through Derby
Waterfront Park is getting a giant Ferris wheel. | Courtesy of Waterfront Development Corp.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane — you’ll be able to see just about anything coming through Louisville when Waterfront Park gets a giant 137-foot Ferris wheel-like structure called SkyStar Observation starting Thursday, March 29, wrote Sara Havens. Read more about the SkyStar’s 36 climate-controlled compartments that can hold up to six people each. There will be snacks and even drinks — including alcoholic beverages — available, and each “ride” will take about 12 minutes make four rotations.