From Total Wine’s Whiskey Lottery to how “Top Chef” producers are keeping the show running in Kentucky, here are Insider’s top stories this week.

Early bird gets the bourbon: Total Wine’s Whiskey Lottery is Saturday at 6 a.m.

Some might call you dedicated, brave and passionate, while others might call you stupid to get up before the sun to go wait in line for a raffle ticket to win a chance to buy a premium bottle of bourbon. But those lucky few who are back home by 10 a.m. with a bottle of Pappy in tow will say it’s totally worth it, wrote Sara Havens. Read more about Total Wine’s annual Whiskey Lottery, which is open to anyone 21 and older who wants to sacrifice sleep for bourbon.

Big changes coming for Dragon King’s Daughter in New Albany

The popular local sushi restaurant Dragon King’s Daughter is moving its New Albany location and adding new offerings, reported Caitlin Bowling. Read more about what Ryan Westphal, manager of Dragon King’s Daughter’s New Albany store, told Insider Louisville, including that the restaurant would leave its current Bank Street site in favor of a space at First and Market streets, which is roughly double the size.

Judge issues restraining order in 9th division judicial race

A Franklin Circuit Court judge issued a temporary restraining order Monday to prevent the State Board of Elections from using votes for a deceased candidate in the saga of Jefferson County’s ninth division judicial race, reported Jonathan Meador. Read more about how the temporary restraining order, issued Monday by Judge Phillip Shepherd, will prohibit the state from using Daniel Alvarez’s votes. Alvarez died less than a day after beating three other candidates in a crowded primary election.

Jack Fry’s: How a Louisville icon has endured for more than eight decades

Many of the photos hanging on the walls at Jack Fry’s have been around for generations. They depict the passage of time in sports, local history and the evolution of one of Louisville’s most beloved restaurants, which opened in 1933, wrote Kevin Gibson. Read more about how they symbolize a love affair between a city and a restaurant that has been going on just as long.

‘Top Chef’: Producers keep the show running through Kentucky’s hills
Chef and Culinary Producer Jamie Lauren | Courtesy of

While “Top Chef” continues to film in Kentucky, the rest of us wait with bated breath (and napkins in our laps) for the world to see our culinary and natural landscape. While the show won’t air until later this year and we can’t tell you who’s on it, we can still bring you an idea of what the “Top Chef” staff thinks about Kentucky so far, wrote Lisa Hornung. Read more about her interview with Culinary Producer Jamie Lauren who said she hasn’t been able to get out much in the four weeks she’s been here.