From a special report on the plight of a local immigrant to the opening of Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint at the old Lynn’s Paradise Cafe, here are Insider’s top stories this week.

In ICE’s path: ‘When they first arrested me, I thought I was done’

Sixteen years after swimming through human waste to enter the United States from Mexico, Ramón was living the American dream, having worked his way up in a local company over the past 12 years and earning enough to send $500 a month back to his family, reported Joe Sonka in this special report. Read more about how in early June, a chance encounter put that dream on hold, however. A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer was looking for his roommate in the parking lot of their apartment complex and instead found Ramón.

A first of its kind cat cafe opens Wednesday

Each morning when Chuck Patton shows up at his office and switches on the lights, he’s greeted by more than a dozen eager and demanding voices. But the voices come in the form of meows — and instead of assigning them tasks, it’s Patton and his staff of “top cats,” “house cats” and a dozen volunteers who are responsible for tending to his residents, writes Hope Reese. Read more about how Patton is the self-dubbed “purrprietor” of the Purrfect Day Cafe, the first of its kind in Louisville, opening on Wednesday, Aug. 8.

80/[email protected]’s serving up quality fare with a new malt shop added, shaking off rough start

I have a few memories of going to Kaelin’s with my parents when I was younger, but the place still is held dear to many Louisvillians, especially those in the neighborhood around the restaurant, which claimed to be the birthplace of the cheeseburger, wrote Kevin Gibson. Read more about how not surprisingly, when it was announced that 80/[email protected]’s was going to open, there was a buzz.

Wick’s Pizza’s new Hikes Point location gets us ready for football season

It was 27 years ago when Louisvillian Mike Wickliffe opened his first pizza parlor — located in the Plainview Shopping Center. Two years later, the restaurant was relocated to the Highlands — and in July, his company celebrated the opening of its latest Wick’s Pizza in Hikes Point, wrote Sara Havens. Read more about her recent visit.

Full Plate: Barbecue is in Pat Martin’s DNA; his latest joint opens this month at the former Lynn’s
Pat Martin started in finance, but now he’s bringing his west Tennessee whole-hog barbecue to the former Lynn’s Paradise Cafe location. | Photo by Kevin Gibson

Pat Martin went to college for finance and worked in the sector in part because his father was a bond trader, but he says one love from his youth never left him: barbecue, wrote Kevin Gibson. Read more about how Martin, founder of Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint — which will open a new location in the coming weeks at the old Lynn’s Paradise Cafe spot on Barret Avenue — remembers his family grilling in old-fashioned ways, in grill pits.