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One of the horses featured on the wildly popular new art print “Decadent and Depraved” is called “Weep No More My Lady.”

Well, weep no more Louisvillians. Kentucky for Kentucky have decided to make available 500 limited edition second-run “Decadent and Depraved” prints.

Our friends at Kentucky for Kentucky have another runaway hit on their hands.

This time their success has been with a clever, literate and profane print celebrating Hunter S. Thompson’s most famous Louisville essay, “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved.”

The print caught pop culture fire this week– featured on Laughing Squid and BuzzFeed– and sold out it’s initial run of 200 prints in just a few days.

When social media got wind of the fact that the guys from Kentucky for Kentucky were bringing prints to sell at last night’s Garden and Gun Pimento Cheese Social at Farmington, tweets started flying, people begging attendees to pick up extra.

I, for one, was too sick to go to the Pimento Social last night, and I turned my ticket over to someone who wanted to go to the Social just to get a print.

Artist Rachael Sinclair’s print looks like a traditional infographic of jockey silks for the field of the 1970 Kentucky Derby. But at a closer look, the horse names and the graphics on the silks highlight some of the finer (and fouler) details of Thompson’s essay.

The silks for the horse “Inbred Bloodlines” features a suspect family tree. The silks for “Staggering Drunk” are stylized bloodshot eyes. The silks for “Nekkid Horse” show a rearing thoroughbred with his private parts blacked out.

Lexingtonians, Whit Hiler and Griffin VanMeter are the guerilla marketing team that has subversivly tried (are trying) to rebrand our state with the new motto: “Kentucky Kicks Ass.”

Kentucky for Kentucky, always on the border of cool and crass, may have tipped the scales to just “cool” with this print.

You can buy online tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. by clicking this link.

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