Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 12.23.38 PMKroger is looking at the former Kmart on Dixie Highway for its first “marketplace” store in Louisville, a local spokesman for the grocery chain confirmed to IL on Wednesday.

If built, the 125,000-square-foot store would be the biggest Kroger in the city. It would be the company’s 30th location in Louisville; however, the new marketplace would replace the current Kroger at 5244 Dixie Highway. That store is considerably smaller, at 65,000 square feet.

Kroger isn’t sharing any plans beyond the concept, though.

“This project still requires municipal approval so we do not have any specific plans for when construction may begin or when it may open,” Kroger spokesman Tim McGurk said in an email.

Kroger’s “marketplace” concept offers a bigger variety of fresh foods, including produce, meats, bakery items and organic foods. The stores also sell clothing and other apparel, small appliances, and other household and convenience items not found in typical Kroger stores. The concept aims to compete with Walmart and other big-box stores that have diversified considerably over the past several years, cutting into the traditional grocery market.

Kentucky has been something of a test kitchen for Kroger’s marketplace concept: It has stores in Lexington, Georgetown, Richmond and Shelbyville.

The former Kmart at 4915 Dixie Highway was last assessed at $10.2 million in 2007.

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Stephen George
Stephen George is news editor of Insider Louisville. He is a former editor of LEO Weekly and the Nashville City Paper, and a former news editor of the Nashville Scene. He has written for various other news and culture publications and is happy to be back in Louisville.