Let Lawn Love take care of the snow this year. | Courtesy of Lawn Love

We’re now eight days into winter and have been lucky to avoid any snow — even though it made for a somewhat mild and boring Christmas Day. But like death, taxes and a Kardashian spin-off, we know it’s coming.

Instead of braving a trip into the scary basement or crammed shed to dig out your snow shovel, there’s another option for Louisvillians this winter — not shoveling at all!

The national app Lawn Love is here at your service — think of it as the Uber for snow removal — and can take care of shoveling your driveway and sidewalk with one click of a button.

The app is free and easy to use. | Courtesy of Lawn Love

It works by contracting with local providers, who have to pass an extensive background check. And similar to Uber, you just open the app, type in your address and request someone to plow right now.

Lawn Love was founded in 2014 in San Diego as a lawn-care-based startup, and it has since grown to encompass year-round lawn service — like snow removal. It has expanded into 120 cities nationwide.

Initial investors in the app include quarterback Joe Montana, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and “Shark Tank” star Barbara Corcoran, among others.

Insider reached out to Lawn Love CEO Jeremy Yamaguchi to find out the details of never having to shovel our driveway again.

Jeremy Yamaguchi | Courtesy of Lawn Love

Insider Louisville: Are y’all ready to shovel?

Jeremy Yamaguchi: Yes, we have started offering services in Louisville. We have actually been offering our lawn care services there for about a year and have launched our new snow removal service this winter.

We ran a couple of tests of this service last winter, and it was very well-received, so we have decided to launch it as a full service. 

IL: How exactly does the app work?

JY: So the app works in a similar way to Uber or Lyft. Customers enter their address, select the type of service that they want, then our quoting algorithm generates a quote in less than two minutes (using satellite imaging to measure the property and the area requiring service, in the calculation with transit costs/service costs).

Customers then select the date/time they want the service to be done on and are assigned a lawn care/snow removal technician who comes to their property to complete the service. All payment and reviewing is also completed in the platform.

IL: And you use local people for the jobs?

JY: We use all local, independent contractors. They must pass a series of background, experience and equipment checks before they are accepted to work with Lawn Love (only about 10 percent of all those who apply make it through).

Then there are a series of rules/regulations they must comply with to stay on the platform. We take a percentage of the total job cost, but most of our providers find that they make more money overall by using our platform than doing it entirely on their own. This is because we offer a steady stream of new customers at no cost, and we also handle all of the backend business management like customer service, insurance, payment, etc.

This means the providers can spend more time actually completing jobs than doing management-type work, thus making more money. 

IL: What kinds of services do you offer?

JY: Right now we are only offering snow removal for residential properties, and we can do driveways, sidewalks and yards. Our snow removal providers work both alone and with crews, depending on the size of the jobs. They use shovels, snow blowers and plows.

Sometimes the job requires a plow. | Courtesy of Lawn Love

IL: What are we talking for an average driveway?

JY: An average driveway would start off at around $45 for a one-off service.

But this would be cheaper if the customer signs on for a recurring service (the recurring service is automatically scheduled using our weather tracking software, providers are alerted to jobs in their area and will go out and clear snow for all those customers who have signed up for this plan).

IL: Why Louisville? 

JY: We were already well-established in Louisville for lawn care services. A number of our contractors worked in snow removal in the wintertime, so it seemed like a logical transition to have them continue on working with us through the winter.

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