Watch out, underworld! Not only is Louisville’s Scott Howe a rising real-estate agent and co-owner of Revelry Boutique Gallery with his wife Maureen (“Mo”) McKnight Howe, he’s also a part-time crime-stopper.

Scott Howe
Scott Howe

Of course, the crime he helped stop related to items stolen from Revelry. But how Howe came to help bring down the alleged perps is worth the retelling.

On Oct. 22, at approximately 1:30 p.m., according to police, a man and a woman lifted 10 handmade “spoon bracelets” from Revelry, worth $350.

Revelry’s security camera system didn’t capture any useable images of the thieves. McKnight Howe called her husband and told him about the theft. “I’m always in the area. I said, ‘I’m gonna find these guys,'” he recalls.

On a hunch, he went to a pair of local pawn shops on Broadway; turns out the thieves had attempted to sell the loot at both shops, but neither bought the goods because they were only silver-plated, not actual silver. “They said we wouldn’t give a dime, they’re not worth it to us,” Howe says. But one of the shops had images of the duo and shared them with Howe. He downloaded them to his phone, which came in handy, as you will see.

The following Monday, Oct. 27, at around 1 p.m., Howe was in his car at Jefferson and Second streets checking emails on his phone when he saw the thieves walk by his car. He wasn’t quite sure what to do. “Should I honk? Should I run them over? I had 10 seconds of internal turmoil in my head,” he says.

Instead he followed the pair after the light turned green. Luckily, he then saw a police officer about 20 feet behind them. The officer wasn’t tracking the duo, he just happened to be there, and Howe flagged him down.

“I’m like, ‘Sir! Officer! They robbed me!'” he says. “He goes, ‘What?’ I go, ‘They robbed me, those were the guys, I know it.’ He said, ‘Are you sure?’ ‘One hundred percent.’ And he goes, ‘Alright!'”

According to Howe, the pair was in the process of walking into yet another pawn shop.

The officer put a call into the station, and soon additional police showed up, giving chase. Howe gave chase, too.

“I’m running them down, and the guy’s, like, ‘That wasn’t me!’ I’m, like, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!'” Howe had their picture on his phone and confronted the alleged thief with the info. Then the police stepped in.

“The officer said, ‘Scott, back up, you’re f-king up my investigation!'” he says.

Howe backed up.

The female suspect got away, but the male was busted.

Police reports identify the male as 35-year-old David Joshua Lanham; eventually he was charged with felony theft. The female was identified by police as Jessica M. Warren, 32. She was arrested on Nov. 1 and charged with receiving stolen property.

Louisville Metro Police Detective Jeremy Livers says the case is in court, and he had no additional comments.

The stolen bracelets ultimately were tracked down at the Edenside Gallery in the Highlands. The thieves claimed they were artists who made jewelry, according to McKnight Howe, and Edenside in turn purchased the bracelets for $80. The gallery gave the bracelets back to Revelry. “They were great,” McKnight Howe says.

Now Edenside awaits legal proceedings to see if they will be reimbursed.

David Serchuk

David Serchuk

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