Underpinnings Lingerie is located at 9414 Norton Commons Blvd. | Courtesy of Underpinnings Lingerie

A new business, Underpinnings Lingerie, recently opened in Norton Commons with two goals in mind: to provide beautiful lingerie in a broad range of sizes and offer brands that can be hard to find anywhere but online.

“Underpinnings is committed to providing anyone who wants a bra with one that truly fits and makes them feel confident. We’re offering gorgeous items at all price points that you can’t get anywhere else in Louisville,” the owner Stacia O’Sullivan said in a news release.

Kirsten Schofield, Underpinnings’ creative director and O’Sullivan’s daughter, told Insider Louisville in a phone interview that the store carries bra sizes from 28A to 46O and underwear from extra small to extra-extra-extra large.

“Most people don’t fit in that Victoria Secret range or what is available in the mall,” Schofield said. “People come in, and they are off by a lot. Sometimes three or four cups sizes or three or four band sizes.”

The store carries nightgowns, robes, bras and other undergarments. | Courtesy of Underpinnings Lingerie

Department store brands that do cater to petite or larger sizes are typically plain. Schofield promised that the names carried by Underpinnings, including The Little Bra Company, are beautiful no matter the size.

“It doesn’t look like a training bra,” she said of the petite brand of lingerie.

Other brands offered include Curvy Kate and Panache, which cater to women who wear size D or larger. All three of the named brands are only sold at stores an hour or more away.

Prices range from $37 for a robe or bra to ultra luxury lines with $250 bras and $400 robes “and everything in between,” she said.

“I really think the more economical options are just as beautiful as our lux line,” Schofield said.

Underpinnings Lingerie, located at 9414 Norton Commons Boulevard, opened on Saturday, Nov. 24, in a roughly 1,100-square-foot former architecture office.

“We wanted to be somewhere with good daily foot traffic. It also has great parking,” Schofield said, adding that it also is an easily accessible location for those coming from farther away.

Schofield said opening a lingerie shop has long been a dream for her mom.

“She is just a person who loves beautiful things,” she said.

Schofield also teased that she will be attending this year’s lingerie show in Paris and will be bringing new designs back with her.

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