Lousiville-founded Beam Technologies, makers of the Beam Brush, just announced its foray into the field of dental care discounts. The Beam StarCard is a $99-a-year dental discount program that offers 20-50 percent discounts at more than 95,000 dentists in 47 states. The subscription also includes a free Beam Brush, the app-enabled electric toothbrush that Beam has been producing for several years.

Over 100 million people do not have dental insurance. One StarCard subscription can be applied to dental visits for the whole family.

“Beam’s StarCard is offering a dental benefit product with a totally new distribution model,” says Alex Frommeyer, co-founder and CEO of Beam, “one that marries daily oral hygiene behavior with mobile technology to make going to the dentist easier and more affordable than ever before.”

When you use the Beam Brush, the app rewards you with stars. When you reach different star levels, you earn special perks from Beam, like free brush heads, additional beam brushes and lower prices at the dentist.

According to a news release, the folks at Beam “believe that if someone is doing a good job of brushing, flossing and getting consistent routine cleanings from a dentist, (Beam) should be able to help that person virtually eliminate more serious future dental issues and costs.”

Benefits are available immediately with no waiting period. The “card” is digital and available on the Beam app. There are 87 dentists in Louisville accepting the card, including DentalWorks on Bardstown Road and all Kool Smiles and Aspen Dental locations.

You can purchase it online here.

The Beam Team left Louisville for Columbus, Ohio, when they received a $5 million investment from Drive Capital, which is based there.

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