Darth Funko Pop! The most popular Star Wars item on CompleteSet.com | Photo by CompleteSet
Darth Funko Pop! The most popular “Star Wars” item on CompleteSet.com | Photo by CompleteSet

‘Tis the season … the “Star Wars” season, that is.

So, we thought it would be a good time to check in with one of the most successful companies to go through the Velocity program, seeing that the company is built around the very pop culture collectibles movies like “Star Wars” inspire.

Gary Darna was partially inspired by his own “Star Wars” collection to co-found CompleteSet, an interactive guide for users to display pop culture collectibles. They always have been Cincinnati-based.

This year has been huge for Darna & Co.: CompleteSet grew from a team of the two original founders to a team of eight full-time employees. They also grew their membership 20 percent month over month for the entire year.

CompleteSet now has more than 100,000 collectibles archived from more than 300 brands, characters and franchises. By the end of the month, members will have collected more than 1 million items using CompleteSet.

They’ve also received national attention from The Wall Street Journal, Den of Geek and Entrepreneur Magazine.

“Our ‘Star Wars’ archive is one of the largest on CompleteSet,” Darna tells Insider. “That’s partially intentional since that’s what inspired me to start the company, but the new era of ‘Star Wars’ fandom is driving incredible interest in the merchandise. We’ve documented 5,300 unique ‘Star Wars’ collectibles dating back to 1977, and more than 7,000 people are collecting the franchise on CompleteSet.”

The most popular “Star Wars” item on CompleteSet is the Darth Vader vinyl figure by FunKo (pictured above).

“FunKo and their flagship brand FunKo Pop! are some of the most popular collectibles today,” Darna says. “There are over 10,000 people collecting FunKo Pop! on CompleteSet alone. The collectors refer to themselves at ‘Funatics.'”

CompleteSet is also available for your iPhone.

The company was in the summer 2014 cohort for Velocity. In late 2014, they closed $650,000 in seed-round funding, which was led by Doug Cobb, co-founder and entrepreneur-in-residence of Chrysalis Ventures. Lexington’s Cherub Fund and other private investors also participated.

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