arrowSoon it will be easier to order delivery food from some of your favorite local restaurants. In the next week or so, pending App Store approval, Arrow Food Couriers will have a free app that allows customers to place orders and then track deliveries in real-time.

Arrow is a hyper-local food courier service that delivers fare from select area restaurants for a fee. The company was founded in early 2013, and the pilot program worked with J. Gumbos. Now the company delivers food from nearly 20 restaurants, including Abyssinia, Joy Luck, Smoketown USA and Burger Boy.

(Local infographics firm NowSourcing created this graphic for Arrow to illustrate the benefits of the hyper-local economy the company touts.)

Kela Ivonye, co-founder of Arrow Food Couriers, tells us they now have a fleet of three smart cars and they are open to having businesses sponsor those cars by putting their logo on them.

“It is a very effective method of advertisement to keep a brand in the mind of motorists and pedestrians,” he says.

CEO Kela Ivonye
CEO Kela Ivonye

The company is committed to keeping a small carbon footprint, so they’ve set up four delivery areas and will only deliver restaurants in those regions to destinations in those regions.

Ivonye said business is great, and the company already has surpassed the amount of revenue they did last year, and the average order price has doubled.

The fee for delivery is based on the order price from each restaurant — yes, you can order from multiple restaurants at a time! — and starts at just $4.99 (plus tip).

Ivonye and co-founder Michael Gray successfully raised funds through a Kiva Zip campaign and also closed a pre-seed round of funding in March.

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